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  • glassetcher ·
    Hi Jackie, bbottomly on this forum recommended I contact you. I am looking for the availability of black locking lug nuts for a 2019 Forrester sport. Does such an item exist?
    toysbyus ·
    Hello Jackie! I was hoping to find you on the Forums again. I used to order from you until we got a 2015 Outback in that point, pretty much all of my maintenance was handled by the dealer. I'm now trading the Outback for a 2019 Forester Touring which is scheduled for delivery out at least 8 weeks or so BUT I'm curious if you can quote some prices for me in the meantime?

    I'm interested in getting the 2019 Forester Sport Grille and the threshold plates for the doors. Can you please get back to me with a quote. It seems that there's precious little in terms of parts for the 2019 Forrie so there's not much to add to the car but this is a start. Thanks so much, hope my email finds you well!!! Steve Reiss
    COJason ·
    Hi Jackie, Could you please give me a quote for a water pump and thermostat for a 2010 Forester X shipped to 80130? From the timing belt kits post:
    Water Pump: (Check)21111AA280 - $107.65*
    Water Pump: (Check)21111AA290 - $113.04*
    Pump Gasket: 21114AA051 - $3.53
    Thermostat: 21200AA072 - $16.88
    Thermostat: 21200AA170 - $16.88 (2006+ N/A)
    Thermo Gasket: 21236AA010 - $2.64

    04autoxt ·
    Jackie,was told to ask you,i am doing a mpt to vtd conversion on my 04 forester xt 4eat,now I need a vtd center differential out of a 2002-7 wrx 4eat or a 2007-8 forester xt sport 4eat,if I order from Subaru or a junk yard I need the exact part or no.,i looked at subaruparts stores and nothing shows for a vtd center differential.need your help. thanks. tim.
    ptkursa ·

    Could you quote me cost to purchase and ship to 92129, front console liner 92177SC000JC. VIN is JF2SHABC5BG773296 for check.

    Thank You

    Piotr Kursa
    shogun1 ·
    Hi Jackie,
    Need to find the aluminium base from the MAF sensor and the Torx screws to adjust it ,can be new or used but in good condition


    Hope can help
    chochocho ·
    hello jackie,

    i hope all is well. currently own a 17 forester xt premium.

    looks like the compressor went out on me. could you provide me with a quote for one shipped to 94583?


    Dustflo ·
    Hello good morning, heard you were the go to person for parts around here haha. Looking for a quote on a wheel bearing hub assembly, part number 28473FL020. Thanks a lot!
    Rice Burner ·

    I was referred to you by others on this board. I have a 2003 Subaru Forester (JDM XT), and I need the clips that hold the front grille and those plastic trims that go under the headlights. Also, I live in Cyprus Europe. Do you have those? and shipping for here? Please let me know.

    Thank you kindly,
    Recursive ·
    Hi, I was referred to you from the Body subforum. I'm currently looking to replace the bumper cover on my 2006 Forester X and have come across two different part numbers, 57704SA070 and 57703SA080MC. As far as I can determine, the difference is that one is "textured" and one is smooth. Can you confirm whether or not these parts are interchangeable and let me know what the price and availability of the covers are?
    TheSub ·

    Thanks for getting back to me. I unfortunately had to replace them before I received your reply. I wish I would have gotten them through you. It would have saved me a few bucks. I will definitely be reaching out to you in the future for parts I might need. Thank you again.
    TheSub ·
    Hi i was recommended to you from someone else on the forum. I was wondering if you could let me know how much it would cost for both rear hatch cylinder support pistons for a 2014 forester xt with an auto liftgate? One snapped off last week and got clunked pretty good lol.

    I can't tell on the diagram if it includes the back plate with 2 screws in it that goes into inside of the body of the trunk and the one screw that goes into the back of the hatch where the piston pops into.

    The part numbers I found are:

    Thank you

    Mewgen ·

    I was referred to you by another member. I'm in need of a serpentine belt for my 2015 Forester XT 2.0. How much for the part + shipping to CA 94116? Thanks.
    SubaruPartsGirl ·
    @93614 - Unfortunately I am not aware of a map program but you can call Subaru Customer Care to be sure @ 1-800-SUBARU3. My personal suggestion would be to use the Waze app if you have a smart phone, works far better than purchasing a GPS unit!

    @rcaron - Sorry, these are not a US part we can't get them.
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