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  • soobyDO! ·
    I'm sorry to hear about that happening to you, it was a PITA! I tried having it welded, but the boss just melted. From what I have read, cast aluminum is very difficult to weld on, especially when it's contaminated with motor oil. I ended up getting SOA to chip in on replacing the entire cylinder head. They provided the parts, and I paid for labor. It's ended up 50/50. Looking back, the only "quick fix" i would have tried prior to a head replacement would be some type of liquid weld. You can try one of the "JB Weld" products or RTV liquid gasket. I would probably try the RTV and put a coat on the threads of the new oil sensor before threading it in, then maybe JB weld on the outside of the cracked boss. Good luck!
    wilkom001 ·
    soobyDoo, I have cracked the oil sensor headarea very similar to what you showed in the pictures, Can you tell me if the eloding worked?

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