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  1. ('19+) 2019 - Tires for winter driving suggestions for new snow drivers?

    Wheels and Tires
    Winter-specific tires will not only help you with driving on the snow and braking (“braking” has been repeated throughout this thread for a reason), but will also help with avoiding all the idiots on the road who may not have snow tires I agree with the sentiment earlier about practicing in an...
  2. ('14-'18) 2015 - Factory recommended oil additive - battery terminal service - anti bacterial spray?

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    Why does anyone take their Subs to the dealer for regular maintenance? Just take it to a shop you trust and, when warranty issues come up, drive it to the dealership specifically for that.
  3. ('19+) 2019 - winter tires options?

    Wheels and Tires
    Depends where you live. I live in the heart of the Rockies in a valley between two 11,000+' highpoints along the interstate, and snow storms are not anything to laugh about, hitting this area with snowfall between October through May. I run dedicated snow tires, typically Nokians (Had Blizzacks...
  4. ('09-'13) 2010 XT - ok to use 0W-20?

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    What does the manual say?
  5. ('19+) 2019 - fog light install on premium forester?

    Lighting and Electrical
    How did you replace the bulbs? I'm considering this for my '18 as well. Silly question, but curious to see how difficult/easy this process is.
  6. ('14-'18) 2018 - Essential to use Subaru Upper Engine Cleaner?

    FB25 - 2.5L Non-Turbo (2011- 2018)
    I wish this showed the number of years passed using each type of gas (TT or non)
  7. ('14-'18) 2018 - Essential to use Subaru Upper Engine Cleaner?

    FB25 - 2.5L Non-Turbo (2011- 2018)
    This is a pretty good thread:
  8. Lifting a 2019 Limited

    Offroad Suspension
    I would highly advise against bringing your Forester to do Imogene Pass -- with either at stock height or a lift.
  9. What color Foresters do you see on the road?

    General Forum
    From my generation (14-18), mostly blue. Some black and green. Rarely other white ones.
  10. ('14-'18) 2014 6MT - Swap Clutch w/Engine Warranty Replacement?

    Transmission and Driveline
    Might as well.
  11. ('14-'18) Need a few tips on installing factory fog lamps PLEASE

    Lighting and Electrical
    How are these different than the stock bulbs (I have the fog lights already installed), and which did you use?
  12. ('14-'18) Subaru Forester - 30k dealer "Major Service" - $695

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    Why are you taking it to the dealer for this? They're only needed for warranty issues. Take your car to a shop you trust for everything else.
  13. ('19+) Do you take off right after starting up or wait until revs drop to idle?

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    I drive '18 and my former '00 Forester like I did my air-cooled VWs: Start it and drive off, keeping the driving calm/unstressed (on the '18, until the blue light pops off).
  14. ('19+) How are you tinting your windows on 19 Sport?

    Glass: Windows, Mirrors and Moon roofs
    I added the 3M Crystalline 40 to my sunroof today and love it. Still lets in sunlight, but the heat is significantly reduced, quite comfortable actually.