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  • Austin_FXT ·
    Hey! I live in the Tahoe area and was wondering if you had any information on meets in the Tahoe, Carson, or Reno area. Thanks for any help.
    SaskFozzie ·
    Hey, I was told that you have dealt with Gorilla Offroad Company in the past. Do you have a contact number for them?

    Fredtdi03 ·
    Beautiful car! I just bought a 07' XT and am new to this site. I wasnt sure if you had any sites that you recommend for aftermarket parts. I'm only asking you because you have alot of parts that I like n you car looks amazing. (no I'm not going to copy your car) lol. thanks for any advice
    wakaru ·
    If you still have them, I'd like a quote on the following parts with shipping to West Monroe, LA. I'd like to know the general condition of the cargo pieces, and photos if you can. I am a serious buyer.

    Fasteners (bolts?) that fasten rear seat backs to lower center hinge.
    Cargo area RH carpeted side with power outlet cubby.
    Cargo area RH carpeted floor cubby with hinged lid.
    Cargo area forward center carpeted floor cubby with hinged lid.
    Cargo area LH carpeted floor cubby (jack holder) with hinged lid.
    RECOG ·
    So your saying the scoops on these things are interchangeable? You don't have to replace the whole hood?! That's pretty awesome. I used to have a trans am, and to get the hood scoops the ws6 had I had to buy a whole hood and get it painted. This is much easier.
    RECOG ·
    Hey man, saw your avatar and your subie looks sick. I am picking up an '06 xt on Wednesday, and I know the scoop isntthat big. What kind of hood is that? And the grille?
    Blue Fox ·
    Thanks. yeah, to be honest, I was seriously close to trading it in towards either a 2011 WRX or 2011 XT, but either way I would have been stretching myself rather thin money wise. But yeah, so far, so good. Seems like the Foz is fixed.
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