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  • bhylton ·

    Im new to the forum and subi ownership. just picked up a 98 forester for the wife. ive been reading a bunch of threads on the forum and see you advicating for the general grabber at2's throughout the years here. is that still a tire you like? or have you found something better? driving is in Montana, highway, rough mtn roads, deep snow and pack ice in town. stock car now, but looking at the subtle 1in lift. what sizes should we look at on a 15in wheel to get some clearance but not be super tight in the wheel wells? hope im no bother to ya, you just post alot and seem to know a thing or two haha. thanks for your time.
    Timboz ·
    Hi Smash, I was just looking at the 'Offraod Rims' thread and I saw you were running the Unique 83's. I'm interested in getting them for my '05 but I want to make sure I have the right bolt pattern/offset and such. I found them at Summit and of course it does not say that they fit but this is the run down on the specs:
    83 Series, Steel, Matte Black, 16 in. x 6.5 in., 5 x 100mm/115mm Bolt Circles, 5.375 in Backspace, offset +41.00mm. Are these the ones your running? I know the size and bolt pattern is the same but I wanted to make sure the backspacing is ok. Thanks again! Tim
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