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  • Jojofett ·
    Hi there!

    Fellow SH FXT owner here. I cant help but admire your set up. Just a quick question. Did you go with the Tein or the BC coilovers? I was reading a thread and saw that you had 2 setups.


    erdnua ·
    cool, i am here trying to figure out what I should do with my car, my suspension is bad and i need to change. I had lowered mine and because my rear strut is adjustable i lowered the back and bought a set of lowered springs for the front. If i go back stock struts then the rear strut wont be adjustable so i will have to go back stock height(i love my current height). Can you send me the link to the Tien coil overs you are using?
    FeedBack159 ·
    Hello shansen,

    I understand you took this photo of this sf5. do you happen to know what fender flares the owner is using?

    thank you.
    Rydog ·
    Just saw that you have the BC Racing BR c-overs, how do you like them? Any issues at all?
    Rydog ·
    Hey man, my wife and I just picked up a forester after selling my beloved STi that I've had for a very long time (was costing too much in repairs unfortunately). I had an extremely high-end suspension setup on my STi that I'm pretty used to, so while I can get used to the power reduction (slowly hahah), the suspension is so soft on the foz. I noticed that yours is much lower than ours and was wondering if that's the stock XT setup or if you've found an after market solution and if so if you could share what it is.
    Thanks for your time!
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