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  • wgilbert ·
    Hey SG
    Can you send me any info you have about Luke and the issue noted on the thread that he is not able to process any extended warranties currently?
    ycyash ·
    Hi SecretGuy,

    I am in NJ and looking to buy 2 Subaru Forestor's. Is it still reasonable to expect a price 2k below invoice?

    Can you hook me up with your Subaru dealer in Jax?

    Thanks in advance!

    SoobADoob ·
    Hey, securityguy --
    Have some questions about the air-oil separator. I was under the impression this is only for turbos; do these work in the non-turbo engines? (I have an '18 2.5 Forester)

    The link you posted for the Mishimoto is, I'm assuming, what is to be used, even car's year?

    I found one thread, where you posted a steel valve. Are there other parts involved you'd recommend?

    What about installation instructions?

    Does this need to be emptied at a regular interval? I have just over 18k miles.

    Much appreciated,
    SubCurious ·
    Hi, what is Luke's number/full contact info? Anything I should know if I'm going to ask him about an extended warranty? Will he sell one to someone in California? Thanks!
    Haas ·
    Hi! I’m located in Orlando,FL and been reading the forums on prices pretaining to the 2019 Subaru Sport which I’m looking to purchase. I have only gotten one quote so far of $30,600. Jacksonville,FL isn’t to far a drive and was wondering if you have any suggestions for dealerships there to get a quote from?

    Nicholasch18 ·
    Looking for a Black Limited with Gray interior, Package 32 and popular package 3. I'm in AL and have had no luck finding one with a reasonable driving distance and time frame. Any help?
    ssk1974 ·

    regarding the advance money to be paid, should I look for any wordings in the contract regarding the refund in case I change my mind?
    achamakala ·

    I know you got a great deal in Florida and am debating if it's worth it to come down there from NY. I am getting a 2019 Limited with Navi package and popular pkg #3 for $31,300, black with gray interior. Can you let me know what dealer in Florida can do and how soon I could get it? Time for me to get it here is about 5 weeks :(
    lohimike ·
    Looking to get a Limited, and don't mind traveling down to JAX.
    What dealer did you use in Jax, contact and deal you got.
    CHS Dealer isn't that sharp. I can't understand how a majority of people just show up on impulse and try to deal. I've been using different forums for 15 years and it always pays of in spades.
    hope to hear from you soon. what's the procedure for ordering new from factory.. I see info about build sites in both USA & Japan..clarification.

    Mike V
    17FozzieXT ·

    I need some pointers on what i need to do to get the Forester below invoice. I guess first off, what would you say the starting price i should bring up for negotiation without tax and fees? and what is the max? This is for the Forester Sport with Option 24. Thanks.
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