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  • Ice_angels ·
    hi, i have the same problem as one of the members in the thread " dim head light" for the 02 subaru forester. i believe his name is "purpleeater" and his post is #17 in that thread. what is the solution in simple words for this problem? im not good enough with the electrical components, so i hope u can help me with this.
    JBX ·
    "Santa Monica Subaru hires terrorists to work on the cars. Instead of taking the time to remove the splash shield, they use boxcutters to cut holes in the shield so they can save some time doing an oil change. Oh, and when the customer brings in high-quality synthetic oil? They don't use it, they use the shop Pennzoil (I'd run my motor without oil rather than use that CRAP) to fill the crankcase."

    Roo, I have over 200,000 miles on my Dodge Intrepid work car running nothing but Pennzoil 10W-30 and a shot of STP once in awhile, and changed every 3000 miles. I get a yearly UOA from Blackstone and so far the results come back excellent. The heads and pan have never been off.

    You know what they say...YMMV !
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