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  • Dres1877 ·

    Saw your post about the headlights being painted, Looks awesome. How long did it take you to get it done? Thier is an intense youtube video on a STI where it looked like it took an hour just for baking (taking the headlight into the kitchen and breaking it apart, paint and then bake again to be placed back together). WHat color paint did you use and how many coats did you use?

    nate_fisher ·
    Hey i was checking out your journal and seen that you had a erz/cnt catted downpipe. That said i just ordered one for 330 shipped for a 08+wrx /sti/legacygt and was wondering what you had to do to make the hanger work. Sorry but you are the only person ive seen with one on a sh 09+xt.
    Bobster ·
    Hey, i read you were selling alot of ur aftermarket stuff. you wouldnt happen to have your brembos for sale still would you?
    Tommyswrx ·
    I hope its not too much trouble but I had a question about putting 09+ forester struts and springs on my 08 WRX hatch. I figured if anybody would know, it'd be you. Is there anything else I'll need to do the swap? Also, I know I'll have to correct the rear wheels because they get off center(correct?). Do I fix that with some adjustable rear trailing arms? Or do I need a different part? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
    dreamindemon ·
    Hey Ratr, how is the HID kit? I have a 10' Foz and i love yours, i figured i would black out the headlights and try HID if its worth it. Thanks!
    RAPTR ·
    I would tell you but it fit like crap and I had to do a lot of fabricating to get it close. Also, the manufacturer would not refund my money so I don't want them releasing anymore crappy stuff to good people.
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