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  • guroo270 ·
    Oh, didn't even see that you had posted on my page til today... just looking for the stockers on the xt, the 5 double spoke ones (6 maybe?). Decided on wanting good summer tires. Not to be too picky, but also looking for something around Colorado so I can make a road trip. I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna mod this baby past a skid plate, and just maybe, someday, an STi turbo.
    guroo270 ·
    Hey pleaid, I'm thinking about getting a second set of rims for my car so I can interchange summer/winter tires myself. I'm pretty set on keeping my car stock, so do you have a suggestion as to where to pick up a set of spare stock rims, possibly with some good summer tires or brand spankin new Yoko IG20's on them?
    urabusasnwonatas ·
    pleaid, try hitting close button when it"s fully open. then quickly pull the wind deflector down manuelly til you have to pullyour finger out of the way it will close for you it probablly won't bind all the time on you but when does it's the deflecto that's the problem i have, it's kind of lame fix but it works. let me know if it works for you.
    Real Lyte ·
    Is there a garden pic thread already? I have searched a good while and can't find one, I wanna say I remember seeing one...just wanted to double check b4 I made one.
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