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  1. ('06-'08) 2006 - Overheating - I’m kind of at a loss now?

    Cooling Systems
    Sounds like head gasket, however, check radiator for blockage. I had a mazda with a blocked radiator that was ok up to 80km/h (50mph) then it would overheat & boil. New radiator fixed it as ebay price was not much more than having the 20 year old one repaired. In regard to fans, these should...
  2. ('14-'18) 2015 - rear knuckle - Help! - Updated!

    Suspension and Handling
    I just read your post. I have split difficult ball joints and other parts with an air impact hammer. These are the air powered devices that look like a hand gun. They are just a small pneumatic hammer that operates at a high impact frequency. Put a small load on the joint with a ball joint...
  3. ('01-'02) Overhauling my very first Subaru's engine

    Members' Journals
    Country driving my car returns about 7.5 to 9 l/100km which is a big difference than city driving. Does anyone know if the manual gearbox produces better economy. The Mitsubishi I mentioned above is a manual.
  4. ('01-'02) Overhauling my very first Subaru's engine

    Members' Journals
    The lights I changed are the very outer small ones which sit inside the mudguards even though they are part of the whole headlight housing. They can't be reached from the engine bay like the headlight bulb can. We call them parking lights because you can leave them on at night if parked in a...
  5. New owner Cross Sport

    I don't know what a cross-sport is but an STI turbo rear muffler is not a straight bolt on for a non-turbo. The turbo muffler thick rod hangers at the rear of the muffler are lower. The exhaust pipe flange at the front is at a different angle and the steel rod support welded to the pipe is too...
  6. ('01-'02) Overhauling my very first Subaru's engine

    Members' Journals
    How did you do it? Over here in Oz it can't be purchased unless you are licensed and (supposedly) trained. On top of that you are always told you need a new compressor or need some other expensive parts to bulk up the bill and it ends up being expensive. Just a refill will cost say $90 to...
  7. Who can cut keys and program chip - Sydney, Australia

    Australia / New Zealand
    I have a 2005 SG Forester with two keys. I purchased a (half-price) genuine key with remote locking buttons and a non-genuine key off ebay without the press-button remote locking transmitter. Both have the correct chip and the factory manual says I can set up the car with four keys maximum...
  8. ('01-'02) Overhauling my very first Subaru's engine

    Members' Journals
    Can't you do one wheel at a time so three wheels remain on the ground? I put a brick front & back of each wheel because some jacks can push the car away while they lift up. The head rises in an arc. If I am working under a car, if I can fit them, I place two stands in the local area plus use...
  9. ('01-'02) Overhauling my very first Subaru's engine

    Members' Journals
    I once had what I thought was rear wheel bearing noise on my mother's car. Rear passengers used to comment on the noise as well. I spent a lot of time looking for the problem and eventually purchased new wheel bearing kits which needed a press to remove & fit. I couldn't see or feel any...
  10. ('06-'08) 2006 XT MT - new to Subaru got some questions

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    The engine bay is so clean the car looks new. I can see a disconnected hose to the lower right hand side of the intercooler
  11. ('06-'08) Rotors, pads AND calipers, or just rotors and pads?

    Rebuilding a caliper is easy. There is basically nothing to do except clean it after the piston is popped out. Remember to remove and grease the sliding caliper pins/tubes so the pads wear as evenly as possible.
  12. ('01-'02) Overhauling my very first Subaru's engine

    Members' Journals
    The OEM head gaskets are not paper. They are a thin steel sheet covered with an even thinner covering of a rubber compound on each side. it's my opinion that this is why Subaru require a high surface finish and very flat surfaces on the block and heads. There is simply very little compression...
  13. ('01-'02) Overhauling my very first Subaru's engine

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    Here is the youtube clip I used: Start at about 11:30 up to 14:30 minutes. It is the same torque sequence as I found in my manual search. It is interesting that the mechanic says there are differences between years and models but they are all still the same EJ engine.
  14. ('01-'02) Overhauling my very first Subaru's engine

    Members' Journals
    Head torques No, the torques are different. Overall, yours is 180 degrees on each bolt. Mine is 135 degrees for the outer bolts and 180 degrees for the inner two bolts. As I recall, the manuals I used were for 2005 & 2008 plus I found a youtube video that was specific to torque angles I...
  15. ('01-'02) Overhauling my very first Subaru's engine

    Members' Journals
    Head bolt torques Congratulations on a job well done. I am interested in your photos of the manual where it says to tighten 90 degrees then another 90. Do you know what year or engine model that manual is for? I found a few factory manuals for the 2.5 litre engine (I think on this web site)...