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  • Pkmizzl ·
    Hey man so I was told to ask you, I originally sent this to 2.5x_sleeper and he suggested I talk to you.

    Hi I’m sorry to bother you but I don’t know how else to go about this. I’ve been trying to create an account with the scooby mods forum so I can view pictures related to the mods I’d like to do, but for the last month I haven’t been able to because the captcha software they use for there registration is out of date. I’ve looked for a way to email either a moderator or the website owner but since I don’t have a registered account It always takes me back to the sign in screen... I guess what I was hoping you could help with is getting ahold of someone through the website so they can update the registration page. Again I’m very sorry to bother you with this, and appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks for your time.
    kasen020 ·
    Hello Sir,
    Are you a Subaru Ambassador? Do you have a coupon available? I live in OP.
    I am looking forward to a coupon now for I want to buy a brand new Subaru this month.

    My email is [email protected]

    nalade ·
    Hi, I am a recent college graduate and joined a primary school as teacher. My old college car (camry) has given upon on me and looking to buy a new 2018 subaru forester. Can you kindly give me a ambassador coupon, that would greatly help me. Thanks for your understanding

    First Name : Dhathry
    Last Name : Uddaraju
    Location : Syracuse , New York NY
    folgart ·
    Hi Peaty, You've helped me out in the past with 2 foresters. I have a new to me 04 xt 150k kms, and posted yeterday in the 2.5 turbocharged forum. I attached a few pics. First, I bought the vehicle from the dealer as is. They claim they replaced the turbo, but a bolt is not fully home; they stripped it. I am unsure what type of tool I need to get on the bolt head. It is too close to the turbo to get a socket on and there is little room for a spanner. Second, I have the raw fuel smell on start up, even in the summer here (80 ish F/20-30C). I've looked and looked, but can't see any fuel.
    Could you steer me in the right direction or provide some advice?


    sporter ·
    Timing Belt replacement. I have a 2002 Forester that needs a timing belt soon. Do you have a step-by-step process for the replacement of the belt?

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