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  1. ('06-'08) 2006 - Overheating - I’m kind of at a loss now?

    Cooling Systems
    My 2003 over heated in hot weather until head gasket, timing belt, water pump replaced.
  2. ('03-'05) 2003 - any good LED bulb upgrades?

    Lighting and Electrical
    I'd like to put good LED's into my Forester, primarily for the headlights and fogs. I'd like all functions to stay normal (like daylight lighting), and to not have to change anything but the bulbs. The car has maybe 80k miles, despite my daughter's best effort on a couple occasions to wreck...
  3. ('03-'05) 2003 - 200k miles - How to breathe new life into my old girl?

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    I've used only Mobil One since our first oil change on my 2003 Forester XS. Only change is to go to the high mileage car version. No clue why someone would steer anyone away from full synthetic.
  4. ('19+) 2019 - Headlights won't turn off (merged thread)

    Lighting and Electrical
    It's called Daylight Running Lights, and it probably can get you a cut in your insurance rates. It's a good thing, not a defect.
  5. ('19+) 2019 - Cell Phone Mounting Location?

    Interior and Electronics
    We navigate with our phones, so we'd want ours up high. Oh, we're allergic to Apple! :-)
  6. ('06-'08) Timing belt & HG based on age?

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    1. Water pump failures can be harder to detect than expected. Overheating problems that I couldn't get diagnosed went away post belt, etc. change. 2. Idlers as mentioned. 3. Age of belt - belt can look brand new and be ready to go. Separately, my 2003 xs head gasket was found to be oozing...
  7. ('03-'05) 2003 XS any LED suggestions?

    Lighting and Electrical
    Any suggestions for my 2003 XS for LED headlights, tail lights or fogs? And for interior lighting? Thanks!
  8. ('14-'18) Looking for A/S Tire Suggestion - SOLVED!

    Wheels and Tires
    If you are a club member, odds are the club has a sort of new Michelin that is basically the same or slightly better Michelin, Auto Tour, 80k main warranty. On our Subie we did all 4 together last week. 2003 XS. Only awful tires it ever had were the Yokohoma Geolanders - think noisy, plus the...
  9. ('98-'00) Head Gasket Failures - repair it, sell it (Salvage), or find another car

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    My 03 Forester XS would have a weird, bad overheat in high temp weather; we guessed the water pump. Car needed timing belt done, and water pump - and leaks had been spotted, so the HG as well. This about a year ago. No signs of that overheating anymore, no leaking. BTW, it was in a fairly...
  10. ('14-'18) Battery replacement question? (merged thread)

    Lighting and Electrical
    I put a 6 volt Optima AGM battery in my 1926 Packard (the predecessor to the Super 8 engine); half the physical size but much better performance. Much easier to start this 90 year old car. I do have an AGM capable battery charger maintainer on it.
  11. ('03-'05) '04 Forester Problem with LED Headlight Upgrade

    Lighting and Electrical
    better but long lasting headlight bulbs for 2003 Forester Are there any brighter, long lasting bulbs for the 2003XS while waiting for viable LED?
  12. ('03-'05) '04 Forester Problem with LED Headlight Upgrade

    Lighting and Electrical
    LED headlight retrofit Are there any LED headlight bulbs that don't require a retrofit, and don't have any dead spots in the area being illuminated, and that are worth doing?
  13. Tip: 2017 Forester Stereo - Kicker Upgrade

    Forester Shopping
    Many years ago, when ordering my 2003 XS, I picked the speaker upgrades, and have never regretted the decision. The subwoofer was a big part of it, but the tweeters all around help to. I did eventually replace the head with a Pioneer that gave me HD and bluetooth; that was a big upgrade except...
  14. ('03-'05) '04 Forester Problem with LED Headlight Upgrade

    Lighting and Electrical
    Assuming that the 2003 and 2004 Foresters (XT in my case) use the same lighting (and yes, I have fog lights), can anyone suggest an LED replacement bulb for my car that is known to work well with the Forester? Yes, I'd like brighter, but not crazy in replacing my bulbs. And I don't want to...
  15. SOLD: Genuine Subaru Auto-dimming Rearview Mirror +Compass

    Parts For Sale
    Can we see a photo of it working? And I gather we have confirmed that it works with a 2003 Forester XS? Is it new and true OEM? And just to confirm, what is the price and how does one order it? Also, last time my mirror died, the service manager at my local Subaru dealer got in the car...