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  • jessk2 ·

    I saw your post saying that you paid $32.3K, $495 for Touring here in FL. I'm in Tampa, and also looking for Touring, however it is difficult to find it here or dealers don't discount it at all.

    So you paid $32.3K + $495 + TTL, or $32.3K includes $495 dealers fee?
    dimension1987 ·

    I read your posting in regard to subaru forester jasper green. I am also in the same shoe and ordered a new forester touring jasper green color 3 days ago. Current ETA is showing April 2019. Is it will be reach early or it is the correct ETA? Did you bought in Florida?
    btw, hw did you like jasper green >>> I am little worried how this color sustain in the long run. Can you send me your car pics for actual pics in light and night look.

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