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  • bbottomley ·
    Sorry it took a while. I'm away from home with not much time in my schedule.

    i258 is a weird one. The switches it connects to are used both for the VDC and for the Power Rear Gate. Since I don't have a Power Rear Gate on either of my Foresters, I can't visualize how this combination is constructed.

    Those switches are both Normally Open pushbuttons, not On/Off, so I don't know whether they would work in your application.

    Here's my analysis of the i258 pinout:

    1 Brown/White - Normally open pushbutton connects to 2 - Used for Power Rear Gate
    2 Pink - +12
    3 Black/White - Illumination
    4 Violet - Illumination
    5 Brown/Black - Normally open push button connects to 6 - Used for VDC
    6 Black - Ground

    The 2 'Illumination' wires are of standard color throughout the vehicle. They power the internal light that helps locate the switch in the dark. They are never to be tampered with, as they come from one of those expensive modules.
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