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  • bbottomley ·
    Sorry for the delay--I just noticed this message.

    Do you have a multimeter? Everybody should have one! They're dirt cheap at Harbor Freight. Diagnosing an unknown switch is basically a process of determining the resistance between every permutation of two terminals, with the switch on and with it off, and in both directions. Something that's a zero Ohm short when the switch is On is most likely the switch itself. Something with a measurable resistance in both directions is probably an incandescent bulb, and a measurable resistance in one direction and open in the other is probably a LED.

    Sometimes there are also internal connections that could be part of illuminating the internal light when the switch is On.

    Come up with this data and we can then look at what you might try next.
    crazydave ·
    Low frequency, Low pitch resonating sound

    You posted about this in August last year. Did you ever work out what it was???

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