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  • CRJDriver10 ·
    Hello Mike
    Can you quote me for a tune I need, I installed a ej20x into a 2004 FXT AT, my mods are Grimspeed uppipe and downpipe, AEM CAI and Turbo has been rebuilt with a 15 degree trimming, I am running the stock exhaust with resonator. The exhaust avcs are disconnected and the exhaust cams are CCW 2 teeth. I have ordered a cobb ebc but not installed it yet. I have been driving very conservatively on a ots cobb stage 2 91 ron map and the car drives very smooth, but I would like to get it right because of the 9.5 to 1 compression.

    Thanks in Advance

    tg0dmw ·
    Hi Mike, I found a thread from quite a while back regarding your offer to help someone with a map tune for a SH 09 Forester XT, I have been reading and trying to learn to do basic stage 1 tuning but dont have the confidence to go ahead yet. will you be able to lend a hand if you are still active in the subaru scene? thank you
    ScottNormand ·
    Hi mike,

    My name is Scott and I'm driving an sf5 WRX swap COBB stage 2.

    I have to say first, your sf5 project is a great process.

    I'm really interested in getting a more agressive scoop on the hood of my car and really liked the one you used. Can you speak a little to the process (if any) of mounting that?

    thanks in advance,

    WpgForesterXT ·
    Hey there,

    I read that you had dealt with some DAM issues in the past. I recently upgraded to Stage 2 and I haven't been hitting the boost numbers I should be (only 10.8 vs 14.5). I'm working on tracking down where the boost leak is happening but in data logging I noticed that my DAM is only .88 and I have a bit of Feedback Knock. It had been suggested to me that maybe I just had a bad tank of gas but I'm not 100% convinced.

    Any thoughts? I can email you a copy of the datalog I did... The pull happened just after it got into the operative range so the coolant temp is on the lower side. It was a 3rd gear pull and WOT from ~2200rpm to redline. Let me know where to send.

    Thanks in advance,
    SubieLove2 ·
    So I got the 03 wrx wagon struts, springs, and tophats, but do i need to buy 3/8th saggy butt spacers? If i do, do i buy them for the 01 forester (my car) or for the 2003 wrx wagon?
    SubieLove2 ·
    Hey Mike I was wondering how you lowered your forester? I have an 01 everything stock. should i get new rims before i lower it too? thanks. and what were the prices for lowering it?
    RECOG ·
    Hey man I was just wondering what kind of hood scoop you had on your fozzie? it looks a little bigger that the STi one.
    biju7328 ·
    Dear Mr.Mike,

    Thanka alot for the reply

    i dont feel any difficulty in turning the wheel

    Do we have to change airfilter when changing the oil filter, where is the a/c filter is situated and do we have to take any help of workshop guy to change a/c filter
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