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  • outbackcountry ·
    Hello Andy, sorry I just saw your message. Are you still in the market for buying a Forester? I do have a Ambassador coupon to spare. Do let me know. As for Houston, I didnt any interesting quotes from that area at all. I'm in Atlanta, and reached out far and wide but didnt get many good quotes. Couple of North Carolina dealers and couple from Tennessee were good but nothing came close to Grand Subaru, Chicago and Hueberger, Colorado. I went with Grand as the driving distance was half compared to Colorado. But after I purchased my Subaru, Clear Lake Subaru of Houston sent out a flyer saying $5K off of MSRP but that was late last month. You may want to try. You can get a quote from Josh of Heuberger or Sandy Cutton from Grand Subaru and check if they would price match. Also another thing to note is that the end of month specials may apply only when there are inventories to clear. In my case I bought a 3.6 that was not in stock at many dealers around here. Hit ratio was 1/10.
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