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  • Lemonpoppyseed ·
    Hi everyone..

    I live in Sydney,Australia and have just purchased my first ever 2016 Forester.Its a 2.5 I-S auto...which comes with Eyesight Protection which I think is a great safety measure.

    As with any new gadget I have been adjusting some settings...but think I have gone a little too far ...on something?

    I have adjusted a setting of course I don't know how to change it,that makes an annoying beep every now and then...and what's most annoying is that I don't know what it's for and how to stop it.
    The beep when it comes through adjusts the volume on the radio...does anyone have an idea as to what I've touched and how to turn it's so annoying.
    It usually happens within 5 minutes of driving...and then sporadically?
    I have checked through the settings where the clock etc are and there is one that says BEEP on or off and it is OFF...I can't think of anything else to change.

    Any help would be appreciated..

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