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  • JiMbORS ·

    I'm new to the forum (and my '17 FXT) and was wondering if you had any pics of the RA mud flaps when you had them on. I went through your post history but most of the pics had that annoying Photo Bucket-pic-not-available thing. I am looking at getting them but can't find a pic of a black 14+ with the flaps on... Idk my way around the forum that well yet but tried all the mud flap posts and still couldn't find the pic I was looking for. Thanks for reading.
    dasdabass ·
    hey, I had a questions about the JDM Leds, all your pics seem to have disappeared.
    No one really explains specifically about where to tap. I see the blk/grey wire and the green/yellow coming from the control module, could you just tell me where those go? In the japanese instructions it looks like they are just connected together, that can't be right, how does it get power? Will I need add-a-fuses? Which slot do I plug into? is the fuse box in the engine or the one inside? Sorry if these are stupid questions.

    Ag2017FXT ·
    Sorry to hear about your CVT's, that sucks. I got out of a 2010 Outback at 100k because I was worried about the first gen CVT. Hoping my 2017 FXT holds up. Do you mind if i ask what mounting bracket you used when u had hella horns on?
    kyleee ·

    I have been following your build thread for awhile and finally I'm getting a xt. I'm wondering where did you get your sti front under spoiler? I checked on japanparts but the shipping fees is ridiculous LOL $550 for just shipping fee + $371 for the spoiler.


    Love your wheels on your Forester XT. May I know your wheels specification, offset and tyre size. Do you have any idea what is the recommended spacer size for the oem wheels. Thank you.

    Rek Boey
    wasabi2go ·
    from Bayside Queens, NY..

    Shopping for a '15 FXT either PREM or TOUR.
    '04 FXT did its' job for these years.

    Saw the front DRL bumper job.
    Looks nice.

    I have no place nor time for DIY install

    You know of any place that can do this type of DRL bumper install.
    Ramboxman ·
    Just want to confirm that the switch does not matter much, you said in a post... Is this correct? Also trying to figure out where you grabbed the negative power? Thanks!

    Sounds like it I mean the jdm leds run as a switch off on doesn't matter.
    Questnap ·

    Was admiring your ride very nice. Kinda of makes me regret not buying a XT.
    I bought 2015 for my father. I was wondering where did you get the wraps done?

    Thank you,
    fstgsxr750 ·
    I will have to do some research on that brand. I am new to the Subie Turbo world. LOL
    What about the N1 single exhaust? Have you heard anything negative from dual to single outlet? Weight difference is the only positive attribute?
    I installed the Curt 2" hitch this weekend. What a pain that was....of course, I had to do it solo....maybe thats why it was so difficult!
    I added you to my FB friends. Post up when you make the exhaust change. Thanks
    fstgsxr750 ·
    Hi from Gainesville Fl. What new exhaust are you looking at replacing your N1? I was thinking of trying the Nameless CB. But I have to wait until next month to do anything. Just out of curiosity, what are you asking for the N1? Thanks
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