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  • smville_fan ·
    Hey Huck. Saw your timing belt change; great write up by the way. Quick question for you: I have the same year forester as yours and a couple weeks ago, I heard a loud clanking/slapping noise from the engine. Take off the driver's side timing belt revealed a loose tb; I can't see this but I'm assuming its the tensioner. Would a loose tensioner affect the functionality of the water pump? The belt itself is fine where the water pump is (just by feeling the tension by hands). The car does start to overheat after about 20-25 min of driving. The tb and pump were replaced 40k miles ago.
    sunnysubie ·
    Hi I was just wondering about your setup on your 2001 forester. I drive a 98 S 5spd. I also would like to install the borla headers and the complete exhaust and intake. How do you like your setup and any suggestions dos and donts I should take into considerations. Thanks Ike
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