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  • hoffmanasher ·

    I had a 2004xt and I just recently traded it in for a 2010xt. I sort of miss the old car and want to do some work to the new one to help me love it a bit more.

    My questions:

    1) how recommended is the underspolier? Ive only found one model 2009+ Forester Front Under Spoiler- Genuine Subaru Painted Accessory- E2410SC000xx - are there others?

    2) wheels and tires. Can I run 18" wheels, or is it a bad idea? What about going down to 15"s and putting on an off-road tire?

    3) the sport grill looks great to me. what are the two circles that show up behind the grill once you can sort of see through it?

    4) do I want to lift the vehicle an inch or two?

    5) has anybody done any Cobb tuning? How does it work with regular and "sport" mode?

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