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  • Hillhopper ·
    Greetings everyone, it has been some time since I've posted anything here. I have owned my 2017 Forester 2.0XT since July 2016. Twice now I have had a rock chip my windshield. The first was very obvious; I was driving on a rainy day, saw the on coming truck launch the rock in the air only to land smack in the center. Got it repaired the following day, and the windshield replaced a month later. I had to wait several weeks for the OEM windshield from Subaru Japan. Yesterday while sitting at a stop light, didn't see anything, wasn't moving; suddenly heard the "Crack" and immediately noticed the Silver dollar sized spider web like crack. Almost in the same location as the first. Is it just me? Seems like the Subaru Windshield glass is thinner and subpar to other vehicles I've owned. Has anyone else had this experience? Fortunate my insurance (USAA) will pay 100% for repairs, but two in the two month period of time seems ridicules.
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