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  • Lockheed ·
    Hi buddy what do you think of the new lay out ?
    I have been speaking to Kevin and Super Roo and they.... are pissed , they cant do phark all they have lost all there moderating powers which have there pro's and con's .
    Check this I can no longer post photo's and cant edit my posts .
    the new admin can also read your PM's
    Silver Lynx ·
    Hi Bro,
    I'm a total nubie. Can you help me understand how I get my photos to show in my profile. Do I have to pay to have the site be smooth?
    Andaru ·
    Hi, I'm up in Inverness too. It's nice to see another turbo Foz that's from up here, they're a pretty rare sight!

    P.S where you parked at Aviemore Tesco a few days ago as I saw an s-turbo and got quite excited!
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