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  • DevilsDesigns ·
    I have a 2011 subaru forester x premium i want to swap out the ugly blue cluster with a 2012 subaru forester xt touring instrument cluster would it be plug and play or whats needed to do the swap
    ive attached an iimage of what the new one looks like.if i have to get extra parts for the install can you tell me which ones i need.
    supercow2610 ·
    Hi Gteaser. By any chance you stil have the wax seats? Are they heated? I have electric heated seat in my forester and would like to match up. But seems like I have to redo the wiring on driver side.
    Ormyfour ·
    Howdy Sir,

    If your ever doing another set of front Koni sports and custom lowering springs that will work on my 2010 XT let me know. Now no more turbo forester me thinks the value of it will hold as the youngsters come up through the ranks. Plus I did my timing belt etc so have to live with it for a while lol.

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