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  • mvpel1 ·

    I was looking through your blog and I am looking to do very similar mods to my 14 Silver Forester XT. I wanted to ask, what wheels and tires are you running now? And how much did you lift your Forester?

    Thanks man!

    JDMRedWheel ·
    Hey man, I heard you are admin, some guys said I need some sort of a Vendor licence to sell parts here? Can you help? I sell parts on ebay and on Facebook. Tell me what I need to know. Thanks in advance :)
    ineedabov ·
    Hi Geo Josh, this is new member Chris from central Illinois. I've been a NASIOC member for my 3 impreza's and 2 foresters but I've swapped out my two 04' foresters x's for a 09 forester premium and an 04 xt. My xt project if the heads are good will be a short block swap and freshen up with 221k on the clock. But the reason I'm messaging you is to be able to post a request for parts for my 09 forester. My MAF connector got melted from engine heat and need to find a source for this pigtail, or the correct plug source. I've yet to find the correct version and am searching the web for info. So if you could help me in my quest I would be grateful .
    Best Regards to you
    Wht08forester ·
    Thank you Josh. I am only positing my private party Subie for sale.

    I sincerely appreciate it the help!

    Thanks again,

    AdustytrunkMonkey ·
    Hahaha thanks for replying. I called them this morning and they sent me the wrong hardware and instructions. No wonder it took me so long. I was definitely scratching my head trying to make sense of the bolts.
    AdustytrunkMonkey ·
    Hey I saw your forum in regards to Primitive Racing skid plates. I just bought a 2016 Forester XT as well. I bought the same armor too! It's rad. My only question is, did you use the bolts that have 2 threads on opposite ends with a 13mm nut some where 1/3 down one side? I just happened to use the same factory bolts that have a built in washer plate before the 12mm bolt head. These are the same bolts from the Factory steel covers.

    I ended up jacking up the car via the skid plate to remove the jack stand without any issues. I'm assuming I'm okay. Let me know so I can have peace of mind. Thanks!

    Gdaddy721 ·
    Hey Josh,

    Curious, but I can't seem to attach photos to my posts. I have been away from the forum for several months, maybe that has something to do with it? When I try to send a photo and it tries to resize it, I always get an error message.
    Thanks for your help,
    kensiburt ·

    Thanks for merging the earlier Forester wet engine posts with mine. I'm happy to see that mine is not an isolated issue.
    I am currently working with Subaru America customer reps on the issue. One supervisor told me that she had never seen anything like this, and she was looking into a resolution.
    My service manager said that this is "normal". I really don't understand that.
    Thanks again,
    ForesterGuy15 ·
    Hey, I posted a thread asking about the HID lights, Can they be manually adjusted to the proper height so they don't blind oncoming traffic? I don't haul or ever have heavy loads in my car so blinding people wouldn't be an issue....
    ForesterGuy15 ·
    Does the auto level sensor need to be installed? Where exactly would this sensor go and is the wiring present for it on non hid models?
    ForesterGuy15 ·

    I saw one person said the 14up forester hid headlights are plug and play with the limited non hid headlights, is this true?
    bingow ·

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll put my problem on hold for now: I'm having trouble asking the right question (not to mention a fairly challenging home plumbing repair...).

    Meanwhile, a suggestion: under "Miscellaneous", recommend that "SubaruForester Help Desk" be renamed "Forum Help Desk". I've often passed right by that very helpful tool because I thought it was vehicle related. Duh.

    Thanks again,

    bingow ·

    Just finished doing the "contact us", with a description of my problem, I then submitted it, and next I'm asked to choose an administrator. What next? Do I now have to repeat the whole thing to you? Not clear to this novice, sorry to add to your problem plate.
    davidsanger ·
    Hi Josh, thanks for comment not the 18 inch wheels. With two flats in a week (one on the old tires, one on my new Geolandar AT-S) I have concluded a full size spare is a must. It looks like you got a smaller wheel, rather than an identical 18" alloy wheel. I guess that means you don't do a five tire rotation. What's your thinking on the best option for a full size spare? Apologies if you have a writeup somewhere; I could not easily find it. thanks..

    -- ps found your thread and asked there,
    22PSI ·

    Saw in a recent thread that you have approximately 50k miles on your XT... Might I ask what sort of issues you've had with your vehicle if any? Complaints?

    Did you run it soft or hard for break in?

    I'm about ready to purchase an XT, just doing some last minute research and saw that you've had this vehicle for a good period of time.


    - Chris
    SU8ARU ·
    Hi Josh
    I noticed U have an XT Forester (what year is it, 2014)?
    I just wanted to ask how happy are you with it?
    Ive been wanting tobuy a new manual forester, but cant decide whether to go with the automatic xt or manual premium model..
    Wchich one would u rather have? A perfect solution wouldve been manual xt but they dont exist (which is sad actually)?
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