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  • Leland ·
    Hey would you be able to send me the file for 3D printing that Forester F badge?

    My email is [email protected]

    I'd really appreciate it. These things are a lot harder to come by than I would've expected.
    atacamar ·

    I just picked up a 2006 forester and I am looking to put the F badge on mine. I have a grille idea I haven't seen yet.

    I have my own 3d printer and was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing the file?

    If you are curious to what I am planning, it won't be a center mounted F badge. I'd like to keep the subaru star logo there, however on the sports grille you often see sports or sti in the lower right. I am hoping to put the F logo there. It has to be custom because I need a smaller Forester logo.

    Would you mind sharing? even a stl will help me out.

    thank you,

    ps. your logo looks great on your forester. I actually ran across your forester searching for forester grilles before stumbling on your thread.
    SKINNY ·
    Hey man, is there a chance i could grab the 3D files for the "F" badge you've modeled up? If you can, im
    hopeing to find a CNC mill in town to get it cut out of aluminium :)

    My email is [email protected] if thats cool.

    Thanks heaps!
    tlheinz ·
    I was also wondering about the "F" grill emblem and rear badge. The college I am attending has a couple million dollar machine shop and I am hoping I can have one made for me. Thanks!
    Rvd3b0y ·
    Hey there, was looking over your post about the 3D printed "F" grill emblem. I was curious if you still have those files kicking around as I'd like to take a shot at printing one for my MY10' XT. If so, any format is fine, STLs would be preferable. Also curious what your feelings are on posting this to Thingiverse...

    UZNTHE4S ·

    I ran into your post about your Forester "F" emblem, I have a way to get the emblem made in Stainless steel. If you have both the CAD file and the MakerBot 3d file, could I use them? If the process goes great, I will post pictures and give the email to the guy who is going to be doing them.

    Thank ahead of time.

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