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  • BC_Forester ·
    Thanks for the reply and the wiring diagram! I have a used ECU that I ordered from a wrecker, tried installing it and the car wouldn't start. In reading your post I see that the immobiliser and keys had to be coded. Did a Subaru dealer do it for you? I'm going to call and ask but I've heard that some dealers won't. I guess I'll find out.

    Can you send me a little more info on that switch that you installed? That might be the fix until I can get it into the dealer. Right now they are booked until the end of August.
    don1952 ·
    I used the A/C wiring diagram for my particular model/year to eliminate all other possibilities and then installed a switch to simulate the ECU part of the circuitry. Eventually got hold of a 2nd Hand ECU and then had it installed and "coded" to the keys and immobiliser. Job done.

    I found that the ECU controls the electrical supply through the magnetic clutch relay coil. Everything else tested out OK, just that the compressor never engaged. Once the coil was energised all worked as it should.

    Below is the relevant part of the AC circuitry for a 2011 European LHD model ( not sure how different it will be to a US/Canadian model)

    BC_Forester ·

    I read in another thread you had to replace the ECU as the A/C compressor never ran. How were you able to diagnose that it was the ECU?

    Just had mine into the shop and the tech said it was the ECU was the cause of the compressor not kicking in. Car runs great with the exception of the AC, I thought there might be more issues if the ECU was the culprit.

    I'd hate to spend $1000 on an ECU and find out it's not the solution.
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