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  • alexontheone ·
    Hey man! I like your setup with the LED light bar thats hidden behind the front bumper. Could you provide me a link to where you bought that light bar and tell me how you wired it? Thank you!

    Fellow Forester Owner
    peepskp ·
    Hi Dev,

    I'm new to the forum and have been looking around at foresters for a few months. Im currently selling my WRX and want to get something bigger for the kids. I see you are selling your forester, I am very interested. Let me know if you wanna let her go soon.

    BattleWagonXT ·
    Hi Ivan,

    I've been a part of many owner groups, and it seems that nobody likes to dismantle one of their own like the Subaru crowd. It's probably our pre-disposition to recycle.

    It doesn't surprise me that you've found someone interested in buying the whole package--she's a beauty! Please let me know if the circumstances change--I may very well still be looking for and STI lip come spring!

    Take care, and thanks for your response.

    BattleWagonXT ·
    Hi there!

    While I'm primarily a lurker on this site, I wanted you to know that I've long been a fan of your Forester, and will be sad to see you go. (Although I can't blame you for picking up an RS--I would too!) I've followed your build for quite some time, and I've found your posts a great resource and inspiration in modifying my own FXT.

    In grand Subaru enthusiast tradition, could you please keep me in mind if you decide to part out that STI lip? I've been searching high and low for alternatives to ordering one new from Japan, and (as I'm sure you're aware) they don't turn up very often. I know what they cost and won't insult you with a lowball offer.

    Thanks again and enjoy that Focus!

    Dev ·
    @awdchaser Its the BlackVue DR500GW-HD, takes 1080p quality and it has wireless so you can watch live on your phone, it's convenient and I barley notice it behind my rear view mirror :)
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