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    I will give you a clue on how to save money on a hitch. Ebay at about 150 gets you the hitch for a 09-10 and it fits the 11 real easy. Comes with the wire setup that you can do yourself in ten minutes. Now for mounting the hitch I elected to take it to the local hitch shop and took them less than ten minutes and cost me 65 so now I have 215 invested. Keep that in mind dealing with a hitch shop. The ebay sales place had next day delivery as had warehouses all over the USA. I did not get a ball or the plug in part that I already had. The wires are plug and play and real easy to do.
    On driving in the snow I was a bit disappointed and my old awd astro van would do circles around the Forester. My new limited also has noise on startup like most of them and goes away after two seconds. Its just a overnight thing and during the day its ok.
    Let me know if you need any more info Bob Heselberg [email protected]
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