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  • Bobiam ·
    Yesterday I called COBB to discuss the unmarrying procedure and be sure it was cleared of memories of my car. It was fine. The rep told me that people are getting $300-$400 for used V2s. That's when I added the forgotten shipping charge. So, it will be $250 shipped.
    exiletalon ·
    Im interested in your accessport- text me may be easier- 720 227 7771, im new on this forum but on every other subaru forum with the same name if your concerned. Im curious if this will work on an 04 xt with auto trans?
    Bkthunderkatz ·
    Bob? To get the headliner down at the rear of the sunroof, do you just grab with your fingers and pull down? We don't want to ruin anything. The car is under warranty, but the dealer either won't hear it or won't want to go the extra mile and remove the entire headliner to find it. We'd just rather do it ourselves. Thanks for the help!
    Bobiam ·
    No. I used kartboy links but I don't particulary recomend them. Price, fussy alignment, etc. I'd use Rallitec and save a little money.
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