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  • [email protected] ·

    I've been looking around the forum and you are one of the more through, and knowledgeable folks around wiring/relays etc.

    I've got 2017 forester and am adding Hella lighting and want to use the OEM VDC switch as the button for the lights.

    I'm stuck/hung up on the ordering of the wiring for the i258 plug (I cut the harness out of a junkyard car so I don't have the actual connecting piece) any guidance that you could provide on the + and - of the harness would be greatly appreciated!

    I can take a picture too if necessary...
    Thank you for your quick response. I have had a problem responding to you because I didn't know how to avoid the NO LINK Error. I tried putting a fuse in the empty #1 slot. It did nothing and the fuse is still good. I also checked the accessory plug which is working fine. My car driving lights and directional lights are also working fine. I did not remove the original fuse from the #1 slot. If that was not a factory change, I suspect it was done at the dealer's repair shop. The wire from the trailer plug appears to go to the driver's side rear light compartment. I did not open the compartment. I don't want to take a chance of changing anything a professional did until I know what is really wrong. Further suggestions will be appreciated
    Snapafun ·
    Hi bbottomley. New member on this forum. The wife has a SF5 1997 vintage and I'm after a wiring diagram to reset the interior lights (door open) as I believe they are normally controlled by the keyless entry module. Are you able to share a wiring diagram with me? I'm prepared to pay if needed. (SF5 - RH Drive Auto )
    mooseman121 ·
    Hi there

    I couldn't help but notice that you're quite the expert when it comes to lighting/wiring, and I'm grateful for all the information you've provided on these forums, as I was able to install my driving lights successfully on the first go :) I was hoping you'd be able to help me out with one tiny problem though. I have installed a switch with an LED, and have hooked it to the lights, but wouldn't have the first clue of how to get that little LED to work. The switch has 4 pins on the rear, two of which I have connected to switch the lights, and I figured if anybody could help me out with figuring out what to connect the others to, it would be yourself. It's not a major problem, I know, but if you had any insight to offer I'd be very appreciative.

    Thanks in advance,
    James :)
    bbottomley ·
    I don't have diagrams for the SH series, so I just don't know. If they exhibit any sort of dimming behavior they most probably are controlled by a module
    Subaru2010 ·
    Hey Bruce,

    Thanks for the reply. I agree that such a small number of lights would probably not pose a problem. One final question though. I'm wondering if you have any idea whether the existing LED lights on say the rear cup holders or centre console would be connected to a module or relay/switches? If you're not sure I completely understand.
    I appreciate your time on this.

    Take care
    Subaru2010 ·
    Hey Bruce,

    Great write-up on LEDs. I read through them all and am still a bit confused (not great at electronic math). I'm thinking about connecting some blue LED lights to an existing light circuit (for example tapping into the rear cup holder lights or cubby light).

    The LEDs I'm using are made for automotive and sold at Walmart so I assume they are simply plug and go. Wondering how many milliamps do you think I can add to the existing LED circuit (cupholder lights or otherwise)? You state that blue is about 20 milliamps. Would 6 additional single LEDs be over the safe limit?

    skshepherd ·
    Hi there, just thinking about maybe starting on an adventure to buy a forester xt, found the site and noticed your from New London. My wife grew up there and we visit often. Small world. Her maiden name was Laura Dunlop.
    Take care,
    Steve Shepherd
    toysbyus ·
    Hi Bruce: Happy New Year! Hey, I'm trying to replace my burnt out ignition key lamp and have run into a problem.

    Got the lower shroud off and cannot get the key ring to slide off as shown in the Scooby it supposed to be so hard to slide out???


    paros ·
    Hello. You seem to really know about the DRLs on the 2009 Forester. WE have a 2010 Forester and would like to disable the DRL. Can you give me any tips?
    bbottomley ·
    I didn't get a popup notification, but it did show up in the Your Notifications place.

    Strikes me as useless, but then I'm an old fart and happy with the way things are.
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