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  • blastertrev ·
    Hi Gareth

    I seem to remember you posting a pic of your broken rear ARB mounts a while ago, which I now can't find! - are you able to point at the thread where it lies please? I'm looking at beefing up the OE ones on mine and it would be useful to see exactly where they fail. I've nothing against Whiteline but I suspect I can do it myself at a fraction of the cost and I enjoy a bit of metalworking now and again.
    PS BTW can you remember what sort of manouvre you were doing when they went?
    forester200 ·
    Hi matey , I now have the sat nav pod removed ...I know you said you might be interested in buying from me ? obviously I would like to offer it to you first before I ebay it or post it on my facebook group!
    cheers Sean 07768667405
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