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Pix of ScipSubie's new 2009 Forester

Pix of ScipSubie's new 2009 Forester

Sorry that I couldn't manage to attach these photos to my post a few mins. ago in the "Rumors" Forum.

2009 Forester XS MT Limtd
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Hi ScipSubie
Is this a 2.0 XS?. or a 2.5. I notice you already have a Legacy. I recently bought a 2.0 XS Forester. It is really nice.

2006 Outback 3.0R VDC
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Dear J,

Lucky I happened to check back to see if there were any comments on my photos from 15 months ago! The Forester is a 2009 L.L. Bean Edition, which was cancelled and became the 2009 Forester X Premium a few weeks after I picked up mine (the third 2009 that the dealer Van Bortel sold). It is loaded but just doesn't have the Turbo. I don't drive it that hard so I average more than 25 mpg (both city and highway) year-round.

My wife's Outback is a 2006 3.6R VDC, which was the top-of-the-line 6 cylinder model that year. Loaded and 250 HP. We still have it, although will probably trade it in for a 2011 Outback. I want to wait a year so I can get a lot of feedback about the CVT tranny, which I really like. But the problem is that you can't get the CVT on a 6-cylinder Outback. I like the 6 with the 5 speed auto tanny because it has a 60%/40% bias toward the rear drive wheels in normal driving, giving it a much more sporty feel. We get up to 25 mpg on the highway, but in the city we average about 19 to 21 mpg, using regular rather than the recommended high octane gas (it actually runs smoother on the regular grade).

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