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Forum Rules and New Member Information

Contains rules, advice and links to useful introductory material
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New Member Introductions

Introduce yourself here if you consider yourself a "newbie," "noob" or just a new member, but please ask your Forester questions in the proper forums below.
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Forester Shopping

Get your new or used Forester pre-purchase questions answered here.
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General Forum

General Subaru Forester talk. Place things here if you don't know where to post; they are subject to movement to the appropriate forum.
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Front Page News

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News, Rumors and Media

What's new in the Subaru world? Post reviews, articles, and other media coverage here. If an admin thinks it would suit the front page, it'll make the Front Page News forum!!
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Member Galleries

Color coded / Modz / Trips / Videos. Pictures, pictures and more pictures. Your ride, your trip, your pets and your kids!! Include a few of yourself while you're at it!!
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Forester of the Month (FOTM)

The dedicated place for the monthly photo competition.
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Members' Journals

Create your own personal thread to show off your Forester and chronicle each stage of modifications.
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Member Mishaps

Did your Forester get smooshed? Did he/she die saving your life? Post your "I walked away" stories and fender-bender tales here. Caution: To promote long-term honesty, posts in this forum cannot be user-edited once they have been published.
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AutoX, rally, F1, drags, NASCAR? This is the place to post any topics related to sanctioned motorsports events - amateur to professional.
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Offroad Fozzies

Here's the place to discuss your latest mudpack or to swap stories with other dirty like-minded members :-)
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The Relatives

If it has an internal combustion engine and four wheels, here's the forum to tell us about it. Discussions on Subaru's other models or vehicles of different brands altogether.
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Knowledge Base (READ-ONLY) These forums are read-only, for research and informational purposes.

Vehicle Specifications

The specs on the Foresters.
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Part Numbers

Common part numbers for everyday parts.
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DIY, How-To & TSB's

Step-by-step write-ups and walkthroughs for modifications & maintenance tasks; Technical Service Bulletins.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Technical Forums and Vehicle Assistance

Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty

Troubleshoot vehicle problems, discuss warranty issues, or ask general maintenance questions here.
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The things that stop you. Technical discussion pertaining to your Forester's brake system and components.
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Car Care

How to get that mud off... anything related to exterior and interior car care and detailing goes here.
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Engine Management, Tuning and Datalogging

Cobb AP? Ecutek? UTEC?? News/Info, links, updates, questions on engine management all go here.
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Exterior and Body

Covers general exterior modifications, spoilers, lips & other aero parts, as well as topics relating to A/C external components, paint protection, bodywork and exterior conversions.
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Driver-Assist Technology and EyeSight

Covers all topics related to Subaru's Eyesight system.
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Fuel Economy and Alternative Fuels

Your mileage may vary, but post up all about it right here! Discussions on mileage, efficiency and alternative technologies. Sponsored by:
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Interior and Electronics

Topics from general interior mods and accessories, A/C internal, gauges, audio/video, security and other electronic gadgets.
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Lighting and Electrical

Interior and exterior lighting, batteries, wiring, etc.
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Suspension and Handling

To lift it or lower it, that's the question... Technical discussion on the things that keep you off the guardrail and out of the weeds (unless that's where you want to be ;).
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Wheels and Tires

Sticky side down. Discussions about tires, wheels and their fitment, TPMS, as well as advice on improving tire life and more. Sponsored by Discount Tire
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Towing and Hauling

Covers any topics related to towing, towing equipment, and hauling.
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Transmission and Driveline

All about getting the power to the ground. Technical discussion of any transmission or driveline-related topics.
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Utility and Protection

Discussions about accessories and bolt-on bits from rack systems and cargo carriers, to underbody armor, lightbars and bullbars.
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Tools For Repair and Maintenance

Discuss Special and Recommended DIY Tools and Tool Sources for the Subaru Forester
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Dealer/Vendor Reviews

Positive experience? Positive you'll stay away from them? Either way, let us know, so we can learn from you.
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Product Reviews

Good experience? Fitment/quality issues? Breakage? Post your reviews of OEM and aftermarket parts here. NOTE: "New Users" cannot post here. "Forum Members" need a minimum of 15 posts to be able to post new threads.
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Member Classifieds


Contains Classifieds Guidelines
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Vehicles For Sale

Selling your Forester? Whole, running condition cars only, please.
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Vehicles Wanted

Looking to get into a Forester? Post your ad here.
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Parts For Sale

Got something you want to sell? Parting out? Post your items here. No commercial or vendor postings, please.
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Parts Wanted

If there's something you want, chances are posting in this forum will increase the odds of getting it.
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Miscellaneous (Sell, Trade, Swap, WTB)

Post your non-automotive items here.
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Bargain Alley

Ebay exploring? Craigslist cruising? Did you find a deal you want to share? Post it here.
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Vendor Announcements

Vendors: Please use this forum to post links to your active sales threads and group buys in your individual vendor forums.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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Supporting Vendors

This is a place for supporting vendors to post specials they are having. They have made a commitment to the community and help support this website.
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Diode Dynamics

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Discount Tire

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Forester Developers

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Heuberger Motors

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OAKOS Automotive

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Rock Auto

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Community Help Section

Community Help

Got ideas on how to improve the site? Or problems posting? We'd like to hear about them.
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U.S. Regional Forums

Eastern Forum

From the Nor'easters blowin' down to the tropics of Miami, and for the NOVA Mafia...a forum.
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Central Forum

For those of you in America's Heartland...from the Wizard to the cowboys, to the, meetings, etc.
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Mountain Forum

Rocky Mountain Hiiiiiigh....and you too, Arizona. News, meetings, events, etc.
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Pacific Forum

West Coast events, meetings, topics, and news.
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Alaska and Hawaii Forum

For 49th and 50th state hot and cold topics!
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International Forums


All of Africa - this is your forum!
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All of Asia... Japan, China, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and others - this is your forum!
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Australia / New Zealand

For those of us from the 'lands down-under' - G'Day!
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For the neighbors to the north
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Covers everything in Europe, the UK, and Scandinavia.
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