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thebeephaha 07-13-2012 03:39 PM

thebeephaha's Foresters: 2003 "Cross Sports XTi" & 1999 L
I started out here in December 2009 with with my now old disorganized and lengthy journal on my 2003 Forester X in Sierra Gold with 63k miles. I purchased the car fresh out of high school in 2006. At roughly 93k miles it was time to close that and start a over as my Forester dubbed the "Honey Badger" is entering an entirely new stage of it's life. I will get to that in a moment!

How she sits as of summer 2016 at just passed 115k, supercharged for over 15k, and without a doubt, one of the craziest cars here on the forum (IMHO):

Click here for '03 the Journal

I picked up a 1999 Forester L in July 2012 in Canyon Red Pearl with 142k miles on the clock in a sad state of disarray. Found it on Craigslist with the owner asking $2000 for transmission and head gasket problems. I took it for a test drive and found that the car took ages to go into D and the car was running on just springs, the shocks were entirely blown. To add to it all, it has a classic external head gasket leak. It was an east coast car so rust is a plenty on the underside but the interior and the exterior were very clean for the age. I offered $1500 for it and took it home! This car will be primarily a daily beater, winter-mobile, dog transport.

Click here for the '99 Journal

Below I will break down the details into two sections for each of the cars.

Thank you for looking!

thebeephaha 07-13-2012 03:39 PM

Details on my 2003 "Cross Sports XTi" Supercharged Forester 2.5X in Sierra Gold aka the Honey Badger

New mods to come soon...
  • STI MC & BB
  • Rear differential 4.44 VLSD

Mods I have done, broken down into categories:

  • Window tinting (35% front two, 20% rear sides & back)
  • -----
  • Plasti Dip'd JDM Forester Cross Sports bumper with the factory option Crossfire lip and fog light kit
  • JDM Forester Cross Sports lightweight bumper beam
  • Carr Lightwing mounted upside down with custom aluminum mounting bracket
  • JDM Forester Cross Sports "Sporty Grille" w/ vents (shaved Subaru emblem)
  • Hella Supertones modded with gold SickSpeed Blast Horn front halves
  • JDM Forester STI headlight surround extensions
  • Plasti Dip'd Importology eyelids (currently not installed)
  • Plasti Dip'd JDM Forester fender flares
  • Plasti Dip'd JDM Forester front spats
  • Plasti Dip'd lower door trim
  • 2006 heated mirrors w/ turn signals
  • Roof vinyl wrapped matte black by GuardLine
  • C pillar vinyl wrapped matte black by GuardLine
  • Rear gate trim vinyl wrapped matte black by GuardLine
  • Forester XT hood, vinyl wrapped matte black by GuardLine
  • 4" Custom *real* carbon fiber scoop
  • Custom honeycomb mesh for grille and scoop
  • Custom painted silver XTI badge on grille
  • Forester XT bug guard w/ logo delete
  • Faux carbon fiber license plate frame (front and rear)
  • Rear spoiler (non brake light version)
  • Forester XT heated side mirrors
  • Front and rear Rally Armor mud flaps with grey text
  • Aftermarket rear gate handle bar (used to mount LED reverse lights)
  • Westin 09-2000 LED mount brackets - mounted to above handle bar
  • Aftermarket rear step plate
  • Aftermarket rain visors
  • PlastiDip'd AWD badge (placed to cover holes left behind from removed stock Forester badge)
  • XTI vinyl under AWD badge
  • Toyota TRD carbon fiber supercharged badge
  • Plasti Dip'd driver door keyhole

  • WINTER SET: MB Motorsports Boost Gunmetal 17x7 48 offset -- Running 215/55R17 Dean Wintercat XT tires
  • SUMMER SET: Linea Sport BE5 RSK 18x7.5 52 offset Forged, only 16.8lbs!
  • SPT valve stem caps
  • -----
  • Daily spare: Subaru space saver
  • Road trip spare: Unique Wheel Series 83 17x7 5x100/115 et38 black steel wheel w/ Goodyear Eagle GT 225/50/17

Performance / Exhaust
  • Newer production ECU: "Hitachi 2J 22611 AG596 A18-000 R3L 3124" (original was a "Unisia Jecs Corp 2J 22611 AG592 A18-000 R1F 2628")
  • -----
  • Raptor V Supercharger kit w/ 7.5lb pulley --> 9lb pulley pending
  • Perrin 1.2LB lightweight aluminum crank pulley
  • -----
  • AVO high flow bar and plate top mount intercooler
  • Perrin PSP-INT-620RD vent to atmosphere blow off valve w/ custom spring
  • Custom intake aluminum piping and silicone hoses
  • Weapon R 710-110-110 Secret Weapon air filter inside the passenger fender
  • Custom catch can setup for breathers and PCV
  • -----
  • Walbro GSS342 255Lph fuel pump
  • Beck Arnley 158-0819 fuel pressure regulator (Subaru SVX FPR, to compensate for the higher flow of the Walbro)
  • Semi-parallel fuel raid modification
  • -----
  • RalliTEK blue spark plug wires
  • NGK BKR7EIX-11 Iridium IX spark plugs, (1 step colder than stock)
  • -----
  • Inferno Fabrications UEL 4 to 1 mild steel headers
  • Tsudo T-304 stainless 200 cell high flow cat w/ Tsudo O2 spacer
  • Tsudo T-304 stainless mid pipe
  • Tsudo N1 T-304 stainless axle back
  • 2x Kartboy XL Exhaust Hangers

Suspension / Brakes
  • Swift Sport Springs
  • KYB GR-2 Struts
  • Subtle 1/4" rear spacers
  • Camber bolts (unknown model)
  • -----
  • '04 STI Steering Rack
  • Whiteline steering rack bushings
  • -----
  • JDM '06 STI caster adding control arms
  • -----
  • Whiteline BSF10 22mm NA Forester front sway w/ Whiteline bushings
  • Whiteline BSR37Z 22mm 04-07 STI rear adjustable sway w/ Whiteline bushings set to HARD
  • Whiteline 22mm aluminum lateral lock kit on the rear sway
  • STI rear sway mounts
  • Cusco Rear Subframe Brace (CUS-673-487-A)
  • -----
  • STI aluminum lateral links
  • Front and rear Perrin STI end links
  • -----
  • Whiteline subframe locking bolts
  • -----
  • eBay Impreza rear strut bar
  • Subtle Solutions trunk brace
  • -----
  • IxizPstop aluminum pitch stop mount
  • RalliTEK "hard" 4EAT transmission mount insert
  • -----
  • Rotora WRX front big brake kit modified to fit some 13.4" AEM Powerslot Rotors
  • Rear drum brake to disk brake swap
  • Rear Legacy "H6" upgrade: "H6" brackets & Duralast 290x10mm solid rotors
  • Hawk HPS pads all around
  • -----
  • Perrin master cylinder brace

  • '02 WRX custom black & blue leather seats, heated (not connected)
  • '04 Forester XT black leather rear seats
  • '04 Forester XT cabin black carpet
  • '07 Forester XT hatch black carpet
  • '07 Forester XT black leather arm rests
  • '08 Forester sun visors
  • -----
  • '01 Outback LL Bean wood steering wheel refinished with SEM Classic Coat 17093 and custom red stitching with an '04 WRX Momo airbag
  • JDM STI AT Brake and Gas pedals (STI "cherry blossom" rubber inserts)
  • Prosport aluminum dead pedal (black rubber inserts)
  • -----
  • Dual din dash pod
  • Gauge cluster upgrade trim (silver rings around gauges)
  • Forester XT illuminated ignition key ring w/ red SMD LED bulb - connected to dome light circuit
  • Forester XT interior chrome door handles
  • Forester XT aluminum door sills
  • -----
  • Plasti Dip'd Complete JDM RHD center console: RHD "Panel-center" (stereo & HVAC panel section w/ pop-out cup holder), RHD "Cover-console" (cup holder & ebrake section), RHD "Console box" (lower center console that runs along the transmission) and RHD extended arm rest.
  • Plasti Dip'd '05 STI shift trim
  • Zero Sports 6spd M/T shift boot
  • Subaru Momo aluminum AT shift knob with 4" custom extension
  • WC Lathe Werks STI boot collar adapter for WRX 4EAT shifter
  • Custom 4EAT shift pattern badge
  • JDM RHD STI ebrake
  • Suede red and black ebrake boot
  • JDM business card holder
  • Subtle Solutions Hazard Button Overlay
  • Subaru All Weather Floor Mat coaster cup holder mod
  • Custom center console double din area for USB charging, USB for head unit, radar controls, AUX & Bluetooth for stereo
  • -----
  • Plasti Dip'd over head console
  • Map light shroud removal mod
  • Driver side red and passenger side 4600k "warm white" SMD LED map lights
  • Plasti Dip'd A pillars
  • -----
  • WeatherTech 441281 DigitalFit Floor Liner mats
  • JDM Zero Sports rear floor mat
  • Subaru rear seat & side cargo nets
  • -----
  • Deleted rear middle seat belt (for weight saving, and because it rattled)

Lighting / Electrical
  • DEPO brand 2003-2005 Forester headlights (reflectors blacked out, removed parking lamp lenses from housings , removed orange side reflectors for clear corners)
  • TRS Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 "B-Stock" projectors
  • TRS Morimoto Mini H1 5.0 cutoff shields (blacked out)
  • TRS E46-R Extended shrouds (blacked out)
  • TRS "BIXENON" Monograms
  • TRS E46 style LED halos (from the bargain bin) (almost 6000K in color)
  • Amak H1 CREE XHP50 80W 6000K LED Headlight Bulbs
  • TRS Morimoto MotoControl H4 (previous gen)
  • TRS Flexible 20" LED strip (5000K white / 3000K amber switch back) (from the bargain bin)
  • eBay LED 3000k CREE projector + SMD LED turn signal 7440 bulbs
  • Custom parking lamp halos made from the LED rings (6000K white) out of some USB microscopes ( Plugable USB 2.0 USB Microscope | Plugable )
  • Custom parking lamp "shrouds" made from some old "Coast LL7549 V2 LED Moon Lenser" flashlights
  • eBay LED 5000K CREE projector + SMD LED parking lamp 168 bulbs (custom shortened, SMDs removed)
  • Custom 3D printed JDM Forester emblems
  • Voltage regulators for the LEDs (12V with buck/boost and 5V with buck)
  • -----
  • Upgraded fog light relay harness (not using stock switch)
  • Hella Black Magic 500 spot lights mounted to Carr Lightwing
  • -----
  • CF-13 electronic turn signal flasher relay
  • -----
  • '08 sport black tail lights with all led bulbs (SMD red brake, 3000k "amber" CREE projector + SMD LED turn signal, LED 6000k "natural white" CREE projector + SMD reverse)
  • 3rd brake light "FORESTER" logo vinyl mask, red SMD LEDs w/ "Mr. Brakesafe" momentary brake light flasher
  • Kawell Slim 18w Flood Beam 6500K LED light bars used for auxiliary reverse lights, mounted on rear hatch bar
  • 6000K "bright white" SMD LEDs for rear license plate lamps
  • -----
  • Maniac Motors 140 amp alternator
  • Odyssey PC680-P Battery w/XS Power 586 Tall Brass Post Adapters (M6 Thread)
  • XScorpion battery terminals
  • Marinco 701 Battery Disconnect Switch
  • Bussmann 15303-5 Aux Relay/Fuse Box
  • Paranoid Fabrications "The Big Three" & "RS2.5 Lucid" grounding kits (modified)
  • -----
  • 4600k "warm white" SMD LED dome and cargo lights
  • Forester security system upgrade
  • Fake alarm blinking red LED
  • -----
  • Wagan EL9794 triple cigarette socket with battery meter, converted to red LEDs
  • -----
  • Defroster auto AC ON delete

Stereo / Gauges
  • Eclipse AVN4430 w/ removable TomTom navigation (custom "F" badge opening screen)
  • Eclipse AUX105 RCA AUX input cable
  • Eclipse iPC-409 iPod cable
  • 120GB Apple iPod Classic
  • Bluetooth audio receiver with NFC
  • SMAKN USB Isolator (to kill alternator whine & ground loop for the BT receiver)
  • -----
  • eBay reverse camera Eclipse adapter cable
  • eBay Forester specific reverse camera
  • DiySecurityCameraWorld HDCVI 12v power isolator (to cut down interference on the backup cam)
  • -----
  • Alpine PDX-5 (5-channel amplifier installed under driver seat)
  • AudioControl OVERDRIVE 2 Channel Line Driver (boosting pre-fader output from head unit for the sub)
  • PAC LC-1 for sub volume control
  • DB Link PK4Z 4 gauge amp wire kit
  • Stinger 20ft 9 conductor Speedwire (4 speakers + remote wire)
  • HOSA 6.6ft 8 RCA connector snake cable (6 speaker audio channels, rear video out, rear backup camera)
  • -----
  • Subaru Tweeter Kit
  • Rockford Fosgate Prime R165X3 6.5" speakers in all four doors
  • Knock off Dynamat for all four doors
  • Custom speaker spacers
  • MTX dual enclosure (w/polyfill) and two "old school" 12" Rockford Fosgate Punch RFP-1212 DVC sub-woofers from 1997 - still kicking a$$ too, crossover @ 100Hz
  • -----
  • Gauge cluster red SMD LEDs for all gauges, turn signal, and cruise
  • Gauce cluster blue SMD LED for high beam
  • Gauge cluster PRND321 color mod, P & N are white, RD321 are red
  • Gauge cluster LCD polerizer inversion w/ red SMD LED bulbs
  • -----
  • HVAC red SMD LEDs & one white LED (for blue section on temp dial) conversion
  • Cruise control switch red LED conversion
  • Door controls red LED conversion
  • Rear view mirror red auto dimming LED & red compass conversion
  • -----
  • ATI ATI-25EJ2-EPOD-60 60mm E pod for 02-07 WRX/STI (easily modded to fit a Forester)
  • AEM 30-4406 35PSI (2.5 bar) 52mm boost gauge
  • AEM 30-4100 UEGO 52mm wideband O2 air/fuel gauge
  • Custom ash tray gauge pod
  • Glow Shift GS-T704-SM 52mm oil pressure gauge
  • Glow Shift GS-T707-SM 52mm oil temperature gauge
  • -----
  • Old Samsung Galaxy S2 D710 for additional gauges using Torque for Android
  • BAFX Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool
  • Custom cell phone windshield mount (combined several different units together to create what I wanted, a long reach arm from the window suction cup and a universal clamp style holder)
  • Custom stealth USB Micro B charging cable integrated to the ignition circuit
  • -----
  • Escort Passport 8500 x50 (red) radar detector
  • "MirrorMount" mount
  • Custom stealth wiring and center console mounted power & mute buttons with status LEDs

  • Aero crossbars
  • Rage Powersports 38-1/2" Summit Roof Basket & Wind Fairing
  • U-Haul 36311 Class 2, 1 1/4 inch, trailer hitch
  • Curt Manufacturing 23572 1/2" hitch lock
  • Curt Manufacturing 41783 3/4" long shank with interchangeable 1-7/8" and 2" hitch balls
  • Curt Manufacturing 21800 black ball cover for 1-7/8" and 2" hitch balls
  • Subaru Drawbar Kit (L1010FS030), 200lbs tongue weight, 2000lbs towing
  • Curt Manufacturing 55370 T-Connector
  • Hopkins 48715 4-Wire Flat Tester
  • StowAway Hitch Tightener

Engine Bling
  • Red Billet Aluminum "Super Charged" Oil Cap
  • Red Billet Aluminum "STI" Radiator Cap
  • Red Billet Aluminum Battery Tie Down
  • -----
  • Subtle Solutions radiator shroud in red
  • -----
  • Gimmick Motorsports hood dampers
  • Washer fluid tank relocation (driver side bumper)

  • STI Titanium key (57497FE000)
  • STI Titanium key replica - 8GB USB flash drive
  • STI "Muffler Towel" (STSG12100410)
  • JDM Golden "F" badge P/N 91053FC090
  • Nebo Highbeam cigarette lighter rechargeable 35 lumen LED flashlight
  • 6 D cell Maglite modified with TerraLUX LED kit, self defense ring, and glass breaker. Mounted with quick release clips attached to sub box

thebeephaha 07-13-2012 03:39 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Details on my beater 1999 Forester L in Canyon Red Pearl

Currently I have a small list of things I need to fix:
  • Head gaskets eventually when I HAVE to, it will overheat if not taken care of as it eats coolant and oil at a decent pace. There is also some heavy piston slap / rod knock on cold starts that mostly goes away once warmed up.

This car doesn't hardly have any major mods yet but this will change! Scroll past for pictures:

Performance / Exhaust
  • Custom short ram air intake made from junk spare parts
  • Group A throttle body spacer
  • Replica Borla Headers, non stainless
  • '03 stock catalytic converter
  • NGK BKR6E-11 V-Power spark plugs
  • $30 SMP SG712 Front O2 sensor from eBay turned out to be a Denso and works great!
  • $50 "Martins Mass Air Flow Sensor" from eBay to replace the stock 22794AA000 MAF sensor and works great!
  • TYC 2402 Radiator

  • MB Motorsports Drifter Gloss Black 17x7 5x100/114 40 offset -- With 235/45R17 Hankook Icebear W300 tires.
  • '03 16" full size spare steelie from w/ Yokohama Geolander 215/60/16

Suspension / Brakes
  • '03 Forester stock struts and springs
  • '05 STI tophats front and rear, these were supposed to go on my '03 but I needed them on short notice for the '99
  • '03 Forester sway bar (almost 25% thicker than the stock 1999 RSB)
  • '03 Forester rear knuckle/hub/bearing/drums
  • O'Reilly BrakeBest Select (96658RGS) front brake rotors
  • O'Reilly BrakeBest Select (C721) ceramic front brake pads
  • Unknown brand front strut bar

Lighting / Electrical
  • Panasonic battery
  • '03 Forester alternator
  • H4 3000k HID headlight bulbs (low beam only), DDM ballasts, and generic digital relay harness
  • Fog lights tinted yellow
  • Dual horns

Audio / Video / Gauges
  • Kenwood KDC248U w/ 80GB iPod Classic
  • Sony XS-GF1622X 6.5" front speakers

  • '03 Forester steering wheel and airbag
  • '03 Forester dead pedal
  • Subaru all weather floor mats in front
  • Red SMD LED dome light
  • 6000k SMD LED hatch dome light

  • Debadged rear end, removed faded and cracked AWD stickers from rear windows.
  • Spoiler (needs painted before mounting)
  • Subaru Aero roof rails with Thule Universal Flat Top ski/snowboard racks
  • Red anodized aluminum valve stem caps and red Gorilla lug nuts

Engine Bling




Some Pictures:

Current pics coming soon.

Custom Intake:

This is the Forester as soon as I got it home, totally stock: (Seen in the picture is my wonderful girlfriend Amanda)

thebeephaha 07-13-2012 04:14 PM


  • Raptor Supercharger, Impreza GC Series EJ20 Kit pulled from Forester_007's build, sold to me from phrostbyte, scheduled to arrive on the 23rd of July (UPDATE, SC arrived early July 16th!) Raptor supercharger unit, 2 SC pulleys @ 6psi & 7.5psi, SC bracket, SC air cooling unit.
  • Engine management undecided at this time
  • Custom intake piping
  • Raptor Stage II air cooling unit for the SC.

MatteBlack 07-13-2012 04:55 PM

lets see those boosts on there

I just did wheels on my 98 in the same color, check my journal for pics

k3nj11 07-15-2012 11:08 PM

24 Attachment(s)
Haha, you're in my neck of the woods man! The White STi with Teal wheels belongs to a good friend of mine :lol:

pigboat_2 07-24-2012 12:06 AM

Not such a fan of the extra reverse lights...they just look out of place, especially with them being hose clamped on and all. Otherwise it's pretty sick, especially with the headlights.

phrostbyte 08-09-2012 12:20 PM

Glad to see the supercharger in good hands :)! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

k3nj11 08-09-2012 07:56 PM

24 Attachment(s)
I'm curious as well....

k3nj11 08-10-2012 11:03 AM

24 Attachment(s)

I always loved those wheels and the P1's as well.

thebeephaha 08-13-2012 01:47 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Well... this happened:

My girlfriend was driving home behind me the other night from downtown Seattle, there was a huge bump in the road only a block from our house from some road work being done, my car went over it fine, but when hers went over, the wheel went flying off after a loud bang. 4 of the 5 lug nuts look like they vibrated clean off, the 5th the lug bolt itself sheered off.

I had to get the car out of the road so I just drove it half a block to a gravel lot, rear knuckle and drum sending sparks everywhere. We left it overnight then the next day I came back and put a spare on the 4 remaining lugs and limped it another half block home. It took an hour to clean up the threads enough to get some lug nuts back on it...

My thoughts are, I know when I put the wheels on her car I checked and did about 75ftlbs per lug nut. Apparently the car had been making funny noises and wasn't driving straight on the highway before the incident happened my girlfriend told me and I have now concluded that she must have gotten a flat and she didn't fully realize it (she thought it was the bad CV joint that we are already aware of gave way) and driving on it like that vibrated 4 of the lug nuts loose then the last lug just snapped clean off with the wheel.

We never did find the wheel by the way, searched for hours around the area...

Fortunately no one was hurt and the damage to the car is minimal and I was already planning to replace all of the suspension components anyways.

Now to call Discount Tire and see if they can source me a single replacement wheel.

k3nj11 08-13-2012 03:11 PM

24 Attachment(s)

What the.....holy hell man, I'm sorry, that blows....

thebeephaha 08-19-2012 11:48 PM

2 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by k3nj11 (Post 1278745)

What the.....holy hell man, I'm sorry, that blows....

About 20 hours of intense labor the past few days and this is all the rusted broken crap pulled off the car:

The entire resulting mess in my garage:

The stock shocks were so bad, I compressed them by hand and they stayed that way and never came back out. The car was literally riding on just the springs. The top hats had the rubber cracked all around the center too. Also from the rust on the car the dust shields on the front brakes cracked and fell off when I was taking the caliper off to do the brakes...

I was able to install "new" used stock shocks/springs taken from my '03, used STI strut mounts (these were intended to go on my '03 but needed them for the repairs), thicker stock rear sway bar from my '03, rear drums/hub/wheel bearings from my '03, and brand new front brake rotors/ceramic pads from O'rilleys.

Next up alignment tomorrow and then the stock exhaust from my '03 and a new CV axle for the front right wheel, all of the grease leaked out and it's clicking badly.

Also on a good note. Discount Tire was able to locate me one replacement wheel for $130 shipped half way across the country for the one lost in the accident and I found an almost perfect matched tire on craigslist for a mere $65. I should get these mounted in the next few days. Right now, rockin' the full size 16" spare and Yokohama tire from my 03'.

I'm dead tired... but this $1500 car is turning into a great learning experience and an awesome daily driver for with little money out of pocket for repairs despite losing a wheel. Well worth the purchase.

Wessneroo 08-20-2012 02:13 AM

Wow that's crazy. Glad you're getting things fixed.

I'm guessing someone else found your wheel for you and took it.

thebeephaha 08-31-2012 11:10 PM

Just did the Legacy "H6" rear brake upgrade on my Forester. "H6" brackets, Duralast rotors, Hawk HPS WRX pads, and of course I was able to keep my stock calipers.

I have to say, this was well worth the $150. Nose dive is dramatically reduced under hard braking and the car feels more stable overall while braking. I've not noticed any change in feel while braking around corners but I'll have to test that out some more.
Bottom line, I highly recommend this upgrade, it is stupid easy to do as well.

Autozone part list for 2000 Legacy Outback H6:

Caliper bracket: 14-1605
Duralast rotor: 31273

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