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  1. Non-toxic de-icing washer fluid?
  2. The Winter Clean
  3. 3M Scotchgard film
  4. Brand New Car- Ruined Clear Coat
  5. Paint care
  6. Side mirrors have a difficult to remove crust
  7. Does driving your car offroad (muddy) hurt paint?
  8. Anti Corrosion for winter
  9. "Refresh" help for platinum leather on 2011 touring
  10. Water stains on brand new upholstery
  11. Getting wax off exterior vinyl
  12. Cautions when running an SJ Forester through a car wash
  13. Corrosion Protection is it worth it?
  14. How could I make my steering wheel look new?
  15. Air Fresheners
  16. Rim/wheel cleaner
  17. Ventilation Holes in XT Leather Seats Catch Dirt & Crumbs
  18. Bug Off
  19. Best solution for buffing out scratches?
  20. smelly seat
  21. Flat (or matte, or even satin) dash protectant?
  22. (14+) Scuffed Dash
  23. Rustproofing the undercarriage?
  24. How do I remove lipstick or nail polish smudge from roof liner?
  25. How to Clean & Restore Windscreen Washer Bottle.
  26. Lots of info!
  27. Vinyl Upholstery fading/peeling Forester 2014
  28. Automatic car wash vs. Plastidip
  29. Automatic Car Washing
  30. Finally tried Duragloss products
  31. Cleaning Interior of 2016 Forester 2.0XT Touring?
  32. I've cleaned the engine bay
  33. Cleaning fire extinguisher residue from engine bay?
  34. Wax Job
  35. Best Paint Protection?
  36. Cleaning Engine Bay
  37. how I clean the rust in my car see pic
  38. Door Sill Protector
  39. Best cleaner for light colored leather / vinyl seats
  40. Know how to remove scratches?
  41. Car Bra for long trip
  42. Another Engine Cleaning Thread
  43. Help! & WARNING this is gross (my wife shat in the car)
  44. Dog Saliva Stains
  45. Clean Clear Windows
  46. Glass Treatment For Frost??
  47. Car Vac
  48. Cloth Interior Fragrance Removal
  49. Winterizing the car?
  50. Xpel Ultimate & CQuartz
  51. How to get this piece off
  52. On reflection
  53. Lucas Slick Mist
  54. Metro 500W Vacuum & 110v Power Outlet
  55. Is the Subaru Dark Gray Metallic paint really THAT hard to keep clean?
  56. Rear bumper cover
  57. Badge Painting/Removal
  58. Sunscreen stains on leather
  59. Engine Oxidation / Rust Removal??
  60. Paint Protection On New Sube?
  61. 2015 Forester XT Dirty Intercooler
  62. Car washing method: 2 bucket or...
  63. What is the best coating for the black plastic on a Forester?
  64. How to fix long-term road grime damage in white paint?
  65. Getting rid of the swamp smell (and other cleaning tips)
  66. '05 Forester 2.5X A/C clutch grinding noise
  67. birthday treat (wash, clay, scratch x, sealant, wax)
  68. Genuine SWP paint?
  69. CAUTION: Sunshade & Headliner Cleaning 2014 Forester
  70. Lemon Pledge... Opinions?
  71. Can this be repaired by paintless dent repai?
  72. Darn Summer Bugs
  73. The customary spring cleaning caution
  74. Spare Parts Library
  75. Hydrophilic coating for backup cam?
  76. Wind Brought Down Big Tree Branches And...
  77. Serious overspray protection?
  78. Wash engine off?
  79. Seat on ebay - possibly to get clean?
  80. Interior Cleaning HELP !!
  81. Adhesive removal
  82. Initial 2015 Forester Paint Care?
  83. Black Window Pieces
  84. What is custom PID value for 2014+ Forester 2.5i?
  85. How do you clean your engine bay
  86. Little bit of rust on oil dipstick tube - best fix up?
  87. 2015 Engine,CVT,Diff oil plug photos
  88. Torn vinyl door/window trim
  89. spots on glass
  90. got some rust spots on my wheels and thinking:
  91. Cleaning the clear plastic over the instrumentation. What are you using?
  92. Auto Car washes and Eyesight
  93. Will intense sun make a Subaru car cover fail prematurely
  94. Do I need to lift wipers up in winter?
  95. Cleaning Eyesight Camera Lenses?
  96. Warning Stickers on Side of Eyesight Cameras
  97. Cleaning the block
  98. Protectant for 2015 XT cloth/vinyl seats
  99. Windshield streaks on a rainy day! How do I get rid of them?
  100. Winter proofing my car
  101. how to clean and renew the cladding?
  102. White haze on my new car's steering column
  103. Minor fixes
  104. Help!
  105. Looking for protectant that won't leave white haze on plastic
  106. cleaning struts?
  107. Console Armrest Cover
  108. dust covered car after a light rain, what to do?
  109. windshield wipers
  110. Fluid Stain from Mirror?
  111. Light scratches
  112. Duragloss 105 holding up well
  113. Opticoat on Windshield (with Eyesight)
  114. 2004 Paint & Moulding
  115. Sun Roof Air Dam question
  116. Detailing tool for your open spoke rims.
  117. HELP!!!- clay bar, vinegar treat, polish, wax ,etc...2005 FXT in need of some lovin
  118. Put in a little elbow grease.....
  119. Hood Chip
  120. Factory Paint or Wax?
  121. 2015 Back Up Camera Question
  122. Cleaning my stamped steel rims...
  123. Removed Sound Deadening Matrial Under Hood
  124. Headlamps FOGGY
  125. +14 Scuff on front bumper
  126. 2003 roof rails nice and black again
  127. Glacier white paint
  128. Time to fully detail the 14' FXT!!
  129. Tree sap?
  130. Scratches on new Forester :(
  131. Detailed the '09 yesterday and....
  132. Cleaning off bugs, at hotel!
  133. Clay bar
  134. PSA - Armor All Removal
  135. How to treat scuffs on bumper covers?
  136. Sealing and Waxing 2nd Time, What to Do?
  137. Getting Road Salt Off Carpetiing
  138. How often do you wax your car? Or do you?
  139. Washing black flake
  140. Dashboard and Steering Wheel Covers?
  141. Proper way to wash engine?
  142. 1st time subaru owner question!
  143. ('14+) Wheel Cleaner
  144. I can't believe it IS butter!
  145. Products for Removing Tar and Bugs
  146. Spring cleaning - Annual public service announcement
  147. Clean Headlights with carb/brake cleaner
  148. Fix Chipped Paint With a Paint Pen or Pro
  149. How to remove under cargo plastic cap?
  150. Can I wash plasti dip?
  151. cleaning speaker cover on door
  152. Finish coming off "PZEV" lettering.
  153. 2014 Forester Dash Protectants/Sealers
  154. Buffer / Polisher reccomedations
  155. Protecting paint on brand new Forester ?
  156. How to protect paint for off-road usage
  157. headliner '14
  158. Cleaning exterior and interior of Forester 2014
  159. 2014 Forester debris inside door and wheel wells rubber gaskets
  160. Road spray sneaking in under the hood (Merged Thread)
  161. Detailers Box!
  162. First scuff on my forester 14 aargh!!!
  163. Xzilon Coating Exterior/Interior
  164. green, moss-y growth
  165. Power Washer for DIY Washes
  166. Waterless Carwash Review
  167. Glanz Wax
  168. (14+) Backup Camera Cleaning
  169. Dirt traps on 2014 underbody
  170. Viking Shield paint sealant
  171. road salt pre treatment spray question
  172. winter washing
  173. Any way to make door dings less apparent/hide huge rust spots?
  174. anyone repaired rock chips or scratches using touch up paint and a repair kit?
  175. 2014 Forester Leather Composition
  176. Car seat covers, where's a good deal?
  177. Under chassis rust protection?
  178. My car had beans for lunch
  179. Opinions for EnviroGuard or some other way of a paint/winter protection
  180. Clay bar advice needed
  181. question...
  182. Best way to get rid of spider vein marks?
  183. How to for Meguiars
  184. Jean dye transfer onto lt gray leather
  185. ('14) Keeping clean door armrests platinum cloth
  186. Non Soap Cleaning
  187. Debadging the rear hatch 01-02
  188. Interior Fabric and Vinyl Spray?
  189. window tinting
  190. 2nd Phase Completed Meguairs #26 Hi-Tech Yellow Wax
  191. First Phase Meguairs Polymer Sealant #20 Applied
  192. Taking care of the new Forester
  193. removing tree sap
  194. Removing Wax On Unpainted Bumpers
  195. Detailing in the City....
  196. Question about Paint on Front and Rear Bumpers of 14 Forester
  197. Paint Protection for a New Subaru Forester
  198. Polymer sealant additionally on wax?
  199. Ownership & Lifestyle Badges
  200. transporting car and detailing
  201. Oxidation on TMIC intake scoop? Help! (pics)
  202. did anyone used Fix it pro scratch removal??
  203. 3M Scotchgaurd
  204. Bring a dull weathered area back to shine??
  205. New Owner: Need Help Cleaning bird poop and bugs
  206. Minor Scuffing on 2014 Black Interior & Dash
  207. Crud on driver's seat attachment
  208. '14 Forester So Called Carpeting and Cloth on Back of Rear Seats
  209. Sonus Trim & Motorkote
  210. platinum leather
  211. De-rust
  212. Cleaner brands
  213. engine wash
  214. New forester!
  215. polishing the inside head light assembly?
  216. (14+) Shifter black panel scratches
  217. What is it and how do I get rid of it?
  218. A bunch of questions from a newbie
  219. gadgets
  220. 3M Paint Defender
  221. Finally finished waxing new 2014 Forester
  222. Finally got to detail the Forester
  223. Best wash for heavy grime?
  224. +14 Cleaner/Preservative for Dash
  225. Removing yellow line paint- Thanks Penndot!
  226. Need Touch Up Paint
  227. Forester in Tank Fuel Filter Replacements
  228. Headliner question
  229. (14+) Scratched again
  230. (14+ but a general question) First scratch on "leather", can it be fixed?
  231. Interior touch up paint
  232. Cleaning/Protecting Leather Seats
  233. Wipe New* anyone used it?
  234. Wheel paint is soft...touch up?
  235. Removing impurities from the subi
  236. ICE Wax vs. Acrylic Paint Conditioner: which is recommended?
  237. Really worried about road salt
  238. Discolored shift console need color match
  239. Sap spots/Clearcoat damage
  240. plastic headlights
  241. Ultra Ever Dry protection
  242. Engine Bay Cleaned
  243. 2001 Fozzy needs a good bath
  244. What tire shine to buy???
  245. Removing scratches from paint.
  246. Garden Sprayer Rinse in Winter
  247. Repairing paint chip on edge of door
  248. wash and wax in full sun?
  249. Is an automated car wash bad for AWD transmission?
  250. Review: Dri Wash 'n Guard Ultra Ion Waterless sealant/wax