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Anyone regret purchasing their Forester a little bit?

I think I bought the wrong car. And it has as much to do with me as it does with the Forester.


- single, don't need all this space

- not really outdoorsy, so I don't take this on trips to the mountains or anything. Though I'd like to, it's not something I do or have done.

- I really miss not having a manual transmission.

- I live in CA, so we don't get bad weather.The benefits of the AWD are vastly overstated for me.


- even though I have the XT, the engine is sluggish unless you're in S# or S.

- the ride is bumpy, the car already rattles in places at 6500 miles

- the CVT transmission is just the most boring thing. I drove my dad's '99 Accord the other day and was pleasantly surprised by the ebbs and flows of the motor. 1999!

- the cheap, plastic-y interior shows scratches and skid marks if you so much as rub against it

- some concern about the longevity of the turbo and some alarm at how frequently Subaru engines and transmissions fail.

Some of it is definitely ignorance on my part--I didn't know much about turbos or AWD before buying, and I'm still learning even now. But the other stuff is just a slow realization that maybe I'm not at the place in my life where I need a car like this. First world problems, for sure, and I'm definitely grateful that I drive a brand new car that moves me around comfortably and safely. But I don't really have another outlet for verbalizing these concerns, nor an audience that might relate.

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