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Adjust your mirrors properly

Turns out I've been setting my mirrors incorrectly since forever:

Adjust the driver’s seat to the correct position. Lean your head and torso over to the left until your head contacts the window glass. I know, that seems too far. But trust me. Now, adjust the left-side mirror outward until you can barely see your own fender in it. Next, lean over to the right a similar distance, and adjust the right-side mirror so you can just see your own rear fender. Sit up straight. Your mirrors are now set to allow you to see other cars in your blind spot. You won’t need to swivel your neck around to be aware of traffic hiding at 60 mph right beside you. And the interior mirror will still let you see the traffic directly behind.

The link has pictures to help with the explanation of the procedure.

I read this while waiting at the dealer for the oil change in 20 degree weather. When I got the car back I tried it and noted a huge difference right away. Using just the mirrors, I now have complete visibility of the cars in my blind spot - in the process of being passed, it's first seen in the interior mirror. While I still see the rear end of the car in the interior mirror, the nose can be seen in the side mirrors. And as the car continues to pass, my peripheral vision picks it up while the back end is still in the side mirror. Perfect, even with small cars!

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