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Car Year: 2003
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Details on "my" (in reality my girlfriend owns it) 1999 Forester L in Canyon Red Pearl aka the Red Panda

Currently I have a small list of things I need to fix:
  • Head gaskets eventually when I HAVE to, it will overheat if not taken care of as it eats coolant and oil at a decent pace. There is also some heavy piston slap / rod knock on cold starts that mostly goes away once warmed up.

This car doesn't hardly have any major mods yet but this will change! Scroll past for pictures:

Performance / Exhaust
  • Custom short ram intake attached to stock torque box
  • Group A throttle body spacer
  • Replica Borla Headers, non stainless
  • '03 stock catalytic converter
  • NGK BKR6E-11 V-Power spark plugs
  • $30 SMP SG712 Front O2 sensor from eBay turned out to be a Denso and works great!
  • $50 "Martins Mass Air Flow Sensor" from eBay to replace the stock 22794AA000 MAF sensor and works great!

  • MB Motorsports Drifter Gloss Black 17x7 5x100/114 40 offset -- With 235/45R17 Hankook Icebear W300 tires.
  • '03 16" full size spare steelie from w/ Yokohama Geolander 215/60/16

Suspension / Brakes
  • '03 Forester stock struts and springs
  • '05 STI tophats front and rear, these were supposed to go on my '03 but I needed them on short notice for the '99
  • '03 Forester sway bar (almost 25% thicker than the stock 1999 RSB)
  • '03 Forester rear knuckle/hub/bearing/drums
  • O'Reilly BrakeBest Select (96658RGS) front brake rotors
  • O'Reilly BrakeBest Select (C721) ceramic front brake pads
  • Unknown brand front strut bar

Lighting / Electrical
  • Panasonic battery
  • '03 Forester alternator
  • Fog lights tinted yellow
  • Hella Optilux 2500 w/ 100w yellow bulbs, mounted on crossbars for off road flood lighting.
  • Dual OE horns, added an extra stock horn off my '03

Audio / Video / Gauges
  • Kenwood KDC248U w/ 80GB iPod Classic
  • Sony XS-GF1622X 6.5" front speakers

  • '03 Forester steering wheel and airbag
  • '03 Forester dead pedal
  • Subaru all weather floor mats in front

  • Spoiler (being painted then will mount)
  • Subaru Aero roof rails with Thule Universal Flat Top ski/snowboard racks
  • Red anodized aluminum valve stem caps and red Gorilla lug nuts

Engine Bling


Some Pictures:

After a bath here it is!

Yellow fogs, a must have:

Engine bay:

Rooftop goodies:

Assessing the worn and damaged suspension to repair:

This is the Forester as soon as we got it home. Seen in the picture is the proud owner of the vehicle, my wonderful girlfriend Amanda.
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