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Car Year: 2003
Car Model: XTi Cross Sports
Transmission: 4EAT :(
Details on my 2003 "Cross Sports XTi" Supercharged Forester 2.5X in Sierra Gold aka the Honey Badger

New mods to come soon...
  • STI MC & BB
  • Rear differential 4.44 VLSD

Mods I have done, broken down into categories:

  • Window tinting (35% front two, 20% rear sides & back)
  • -----
  • Plasti Dip'd JDM Forester Cross Sports bumper with the factory option Crossfire lip and fog light kit
  • JDM Forester Cross Sports lightweight bumper beam
  • Carr Lightwing mounted upside down with custom aluminum mounting bracket
  • JDM Forester Cross Sports "Sporty Grille" w/ vents (shaved Subaru emblem)
  • Hella Supertones modded with gold SickSpeed Blast Horn front halves
  • JDM Forester STI headlight surround extensions
  • Plasti Dip'd Importology eyelids (currently not installed)
  • Plasti Dip'd JDM Forester fender flares
  • Plasti Dip'd JDM Forester front spats
  • Plasti Dip'd lower door trim
  • 2006 heated mirrors w/ turn signals
  • Roof vinyl wrapped matte black by GuardLine
  • C pillar vinyl wrapped matte black by GuardLine
  • Rear gate trim vinyl wrapped matte black by GuardLine
  • Forester XT hood, vinyl wrapped matte black by GuardLine
  • 4" Custom *real* carbon fiber scoop
  • Custom honeycomb mesh for grille and scoop
  • Custom painted silver XTI badge on grille
  • Forester XT bug guard w/ logo delete
  • Faux carbon fiber license plate frame (front and rear)
  • Rear spoiler (non brake light version)
  • Forester XT heated side mirrors
  • Front and rear Rally Armor mud flaps with grey text
  • Aftermarket rear gate handle bar (used to mount LED reverse lights)
  • Westin 09-2000 LED mount brackets - mounted to above handle bar
  • Aftermarket rear step plate
  • Aftermarket rain visors
  • PlastiDip'd AWD badge (placed to cover holes left behind from removed stock Forester badge)
  • XTI vinyl under AWD badge
  • Toyota TRD carbon fiber supercharged badge
  • Plasti Dip'd driver door keyhole

  • WINTER SET: MB Motorsports Boost Gunmetal 17x7 48 offset -- Running 215/55R17 Dean Wintercat XT tires
  • SUMMER SET: Linea Sport BE5 RSK 18x7.5 52 offset Forged, only 16.8lbs!
  • SPT valve stem caps
  • -----
  • Daily spare: Subaru space saver
  • Road trip spare: Unique Wheel Series 83 17x7 5x100/115 et38 black steel wheel w/ Goodyear Eagle GT 225/50/17

Performance / Exhaust
  • Newer production ECU: "Hitachi 2J 22611 AG596 A18-000 R3L 3124" (original was a "Unisia Jecs Corp 2J 22611 AG592 A18-000 R1F 2628")
  • -----
  • Raptor V Supercharger kit w/ 7.5lb pulley --> 9lb pulley pending
  • Perrin 1.2LB lightweight aluminum crank pulley
  • -----
  • AVO high flow bar and plate top mount intercooler
  • Perrin PSP-INT-620RD vent to atmosphere blow off valve w/ custom spring
  • Custom intake aluminum piping and silicone hoses
  • Weapon R 710-110-110 Secret Weapon air filter inside the passenger fender
  • Custom catch can setup for breathers and PCV
  • -----
  • Walbro GSS342 255Lph fuel pump
  • Beck Arnley 158-0819 fuel pressure regulator (Subaru SVX FPR, to compensate for the higher flow of the Walbro)
  • Semi-parallel fuel raid modification
  • -----
  • RalliTEK blue spark plug wires
  • NGK BKR7EIX-11 Iridium IX spark plugs, (1 step colder than stock)
  • -----
  • Inferno Fabrications UEL 4 to 1 mild steel headers
  • Tsudo T-304 stainless 200 cell high flow cat w/ Tsudo O2 spacer
  • Tsudo T-304 stainless mid pipe
  • Tsudo N1 T-304 stainless axle back
  • 2x Kartboy XL Exhaust Hangers

Suspension / Brakes
  • Swift Sport Springs
  • KYB GR-2 Struts
  • Subtle 1/4" rear spacers
  • Camber bolts (unknown model)
  • -----
  • '04 STI Steering Rack
  • Whiteline steering rack bushings
  • -----
  • JDM '06 STI caster adding control arms
  • -----
  • Whiteline BSF10 22mm NA Forester front sway w/ Whiteline bushings
  • Whiteline BSR37Z 22mm 04-07 STI rear adjustable sway w/ Whiteline bushings set to HARD
  • Whiteline 22mm aluminum lateral lock kit on the rear sway
  • STI rear sway mounts
  • Cusco Rear Subframe Brace (CUS-673-487-A)
  • -----
  • STI aluminum lateral links
  • Front and rear Perrin STI end links
  • -----
  • Whiteline subframe locking bolts
  • -----
  • eBay Impreza rear strut bar
  • Subtle Solutions trunk brace
  • -----
  • IxizPstop aluminum pitch stop mount
  • RalliTEK "hard" 4EAT transmission mount insert
  • -----
  • Rotora WRX front big brake kit modified to fit some 13.4" AEM Powerslot Rotors
  • Rear drum brake to disk brake swap
  • Rear Legacy "H6" upgrade: "H6" brackets & Duralast 290x10mm solid rotors
  • Hawk HPS pads all around
  • -----
  • Perrin master cylinder brace

  • '02 WRX custom black & blue leather seats, heated (not connected)
  • '04 Forester XT black leather rear seats
  • '04 Forester XT cabin black carpet
  • '07 Forester XT hatch black carpet
  • '07 Forester XT black leather arm rests
  • '08 Forester sun visors
  • -----
  • '01 Outback LL Bean wood steering wheel refinished with SEM Classic Coat 17093 and custom red stitching with an '04 WRX Momo airbag
  • JDM STI AT Brake and Gas pedals (STI "cherry blossom" rubber inserts)
  • Prosport aluminum dead pedal (black rubber inserts)
  • -----
  • Dual din dash pod
  • Gauge cluster upgrade trim (silver rings around gauges)
  • Forester XT illuminated ignition key ring w/ red SMD LED bulb - connected to dome light circuit
  • Forester XT interior chrome door handles
  • Forester XT aluminum door sills
  • -----
  • Plasti Dip'd Complete JDM RHD center console: RHD "Panel-center" (stereo & HVAC panel section w/ pop-out cup holder), RHD "Cover-console" (cup holder & ebrake section), RHD "Console box" (lower center console that runs along the transmission) and RHD extended arm rest.
  • Plasti Dip'd '05 STI shift trim
  • Zero Sports 6spd M/T shift boot
  • Subaru Momo aluminum AT shift knob with 4" custom extension
  • WC Lathe Werks STI boot collar adapter for WRX 4EAT shifter
  • Custom 4EAT shift pattern badge
  • JDM RHD STI ebrake
  • Suede red and black ebrake boot
  • JDM business card holder
  • Subtle Solutions Hazard Button Overlay
  • Subaru All Weather Floor Mat coaster cup holder mod
  • Custom center console double din area for USB charging, USB for head unit, radar controls, AUX & Bluetooth for stereo
  • -----
  • Plasti Dip'd over head console
  • Map light shroud removal mod
  • Driver side red and passenger side 4600k "warm white" SMD LED map lights
  • Plasti Dip'd A pillars
  • -----
  • WeatherTech 441281 DigitalFit Floor Liner mats
  • JDM Zero Sports rear floor mat
  • Subaru rear seat & side cargo nets
  • -----
  • Deleted rear middle seat belt (for weight saving, and because it rattled)

Lighting / Electrical
  • DEPO brand 2003-2005 Forester headlights (reflectors blacked out, removed parking lamp lenses from housings , removed orange side reflectors for clear corners)
  • TRS Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 "B-Stock" projectors
  • TRS Morimoto Mini H1 5.0 cutoff shields (blacked out)
  • TRS E46-R Extended shrouds (blacked out)
  • TRS "BIXENON" Monograms
  • TRS E46 style LED halos (from the bargain bin) (almost 6000K in color)
  • Amak H1 CREE XHP50 80W 6000K LED Headlight Bulbs
  • TRS Morimoto MotoControl H4 (previous gen)
  • TRS Flexible 20" LED strip (5000K white / 3000K amber switch back) (from the bargain bin)
  • eBay LED 3000k CREE projector + SMD LED turn signal 7440 bulbs
  • Custom parking lamp halos made from the LED rings (6000K white) out of some USB microscopes ( Plugable USB 2.0 USB Microscope | Plugable )
  • Custom parking lamp "shrouds" made from some old "Coast LL7549 V2 LED Moon Lenser" flashlights
  • eBay LED 5000K CREE projector + SMD LED parking lamp 168 bulbs (custom shortened, SMDs removed)
  • Custom 3D printed JDM Forester emblems
  • Voltage regulators for the LEDs (12V with buck/boost and 5V with buck)
  • -----
  • Upgraded fog light relay harness (not using stock switch)
  • Hella Black Magic 500 spot lights mounted to Carr Lightwing
  • -----
  • CF-13 electronic turn signal flasher relay
  • -----
  • '08 sport black tail lights with all led bulbs (SMD red brake, 3000k "amber" CREE projector + SMD LED turn signal, LED 6000k "natural white" CREE projector + SMD reverse)
  • 3rd brake light "FORESTER" logo vinyl mask, red SMD LEDs w/ "Mr. Brakesafe" momentary brake light flasher
  • Kawell Slim 18w Flood Beam 6500K LED light bars used for auxiliary reverse lights, mounted on rear hatch bar
  • 6000K "bright white" SMD LEDs for rear license plate lamps
  • -----
  • Maniac Motors 140 amp alternator
  • Odyssey PC680-P Battery w/XS Power 586 Tall Brass Post Adapters (M6 Thread)
  • XScorpion battery terminals
  • Marinco 701 Battery Disconnect Switch
  • Bussmann 15303-5 Aux Relay/Fuse Box
  • Paranoid Fabrications "The Big Three" & "RS2.5 Lucid" grounding kits (modified)
  • -----
  • 4600k "warm white" SMD LED dome and cargo lights
  • Forester security system upgrade
  • Fake alarm blinking red LED
  • -----
  • Wagan EL9794 triple cigarette socket with battery meter, converted to red LEDs
  • -----
  • Defroster auto AC ON delete

Stereo / Gauges
  • Eclipse AVN4430 w/ removable TomTom navigation (custom "F" badge opening screen)
  • Eclipse AUX105 RCA AUX input cable
  • Eclipse iPC-409 iPod cable
  • 120GB Apple iPod Classic
  • Bluetooth audio receiver with NFC
  • SMAKN USB Isolator (to kill alternator whine & ground loop for the BT receiver)
  • -----
  • eBay reverse camera Eclipse adapter cable
  • eBay Forester specific reverse camera
  • DiySecurityCameraWorld HDCVI 12v power isolator (to cut down interference on the backup cam)
  • -----
  • Alpine PDX-5 (5-channel amplifier installed under driver seat)
  • AudioControl OVERDRIVE 2 Channel Line Driver (boosting pre-fader output from head unit for the sub)
  • PAC LC-1 for sub volume control
  • DB Link PK4Z 4 gauge amp wire kit
  • Stinger 20ft 9 conductor Speedwire (4 speakers + remote wire)
  • HOSA 6.6ft 8 RCA connector snake cable (6 speaker audio channels, rear video out, rear backup camera)
  • -----
  • Subaru Tweeter Kit
  • Rockford Fosgate Prime R165X3 6.5" speakers in all four doors
  • Knock off Dynamat for all four doors
  • Custom speaker spacers
  • MTX dual enclosure (w/polyfill) and two "old school" 12" Rockford Fosgate Punch RFP-1212 DVC sub-woofers from 1997 - still kicking a$$ too, crossover @ 100Hz
  • -----
  • Gauge cluster red SMD LEDs for all gauges, turn signal, and cruise
  • Gauce cluster blue SMD LED for high beam
  • Gauge cluster PRND321 color mod, P & N are white, RD321 are red
  • Gauge cluster LCD polerizer inversion w/ red SMD LED bulbs
  • -----
  • HVAC red SMD LEDs & one white LED (for blue section on temp dial) conversion
  • Cruise control switch red LED conversion
  • Door controls red LED conversion
  • Rear view mirror red auto dimming LED & red compass conversion
  • -----
  • ATI ATI-25EJ2-EPOD-60 60mm E pod for 02-07 WRX/STI (easily modded to fit a Forester)
  • AEM 30-4406 35PSI (2.5 bar) 52mm boost gauge
  • AEM 30-4100 UEGO 52mm wideband O2 air/fuel gauge
  • Custom ash tray gauge pod
  • Glow Shift GS-T704-SM 52mm oil pressure gauge
  • Glow Shift GS-T707-SM 52mm oil temperature gauge
  • -----
  • Old Samsung Galaxy S2 D710 for additional gauges using Torque for Android
  • BAFX Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool
  • Custom cell phone windshield mount (combined several different units together to create what I wanted, a long reach arm from the window suction cup and a universal clamp style holder)
  • Custom stealth USB Micro B charging cable integrated to the ignition circuit
  • -----
  • Escort Passport 8500 x50 (red) radar detector
  • "MirrorMount" mount
  • Custom stealth wiring and center console mounted power & mute buttons with status LEDs

  • Aero crossbars
  • Rage Powersports 38-1/2" Summit Roof Basket & Wind Fairing
  • U-Haul 36311 Class 2, 1 1/4 inch, trailer hitch
  • Curt Manufacturing 23572 1/2" hitch lock
  • Curt Manufacturing 41783 3/4" long shank with interchangeable 1-7/8" and 2" hitch balls
  • Curt Manufacturing 21800 black ball cover for 1-7/8" and 2" hitch balls
  • Subaru Drawbar Kit (L1010FS030), 200lbs tongue weight, 2000lbs towing
  • Curt Manufacturing 55370 T-Connector
  • Hopkins 48715 4-Wire Flat Tester
  • StowAway Hitch Tightener

Engine Bling
  • Red Billet Aluminum "Super Charged" Oil Cap
  • Red Billet Aluminum "STI" Radiator Cap
  • Red Billet Aluminum Battery Tie Down
  • -----
  • Subtle Solutions radiator shroud in red
  • -----
  • Gimmick Motorsports hood dampers
  • Washer fluid tank relocation (driver side bumper)

  • STI Titanium key (57497FE000)
  • STI Titanium key replica - 8GB USB flash drive
  • STI "Muffler Towel" (STSG12100410)
  • JDM Golden "F" badge P/N 91053FC090
  • Nebo Highbeam cigarette lighter rechargeable 35 lumen LED flashlight
  • 6 D cell Maglite modified with TerraLUX LED kit, self defense ring, and glass breaker. Mounted with quick release clips attached to sub box

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