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I've been reading up on the CX-5 since it debuted at the LA Auto show last week.
  • While the Tribute it's replacing was a Ford Escape twin, I don't think the CX-5 shares anything with the new Kuga-based Escape.

  • MPG beats pretty much everything in the segment, if estimates prove true. Don't know what the new Escape will be rated at yet.

  • Estimated 0-60 (8.6-8.8 w/ auto) is actually pretty good, considering its lower power (155hp/150 lb-ft). *Edit* Though they give slightly slower estimates here.

  • While it certainly looks smaller than some of its competitors, it's within an inch of the 2011 CR-V's length/width/height.

  • Wheelbase is 106.3". Most of the segment is ~103".

  • Stock 17" tires are Geolanders... 19" Toyos also available.

  • I could be interested in the diesel version if they have block heaters. (VW doesn't do this in any of their U.S. TDIs, apparently.)

  • While the engine is mostly the same as what debuted in the new Mazda3, it does get better torque.

  • All reports are that handling is best in the crossover class.
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