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Synthetic oil "not recommended" in a 2010 Fozzie???

My Fozzie is just over one year old! She's a 2010 2.5X "Special Edition" automatic. Its due for its 15K mile service interval. Since this is the first "mid" tier service interval for the car, I figured it'd be worth it to have the dealership do it. The tasks involved are something I can do myself, but time dictates I won't be able to this time.

I contacted two Subaru specialists for the service. My regular dealership here in SoCal quoted me $150 for the service. I called an independent (and highly recommended) Subaru specialist about the same service, and was quoted $225. That's the first time an independent garage quoted a higher price than the dealership for service! I'm going into my dealership for the service this time around.

So.. to the point. I asked the independent about putting synthetic into the car, and he didn't recommend it. He said if you do regular oil changes the extra cost of synthetic wasn't worth it unless you regularly drive under extreme conditions. What caught my attention most was he said synthetic can cause "more problems" with time. I've never heard that before.

I asked the dealership the same question, and the mechanic seemed hesitant at first and said "well, you can, and it won't hurt it".

Am curious if anyone has heard something similar? I can understand the "extra costs aren't worth it" argument, but causing more problems?

I swapped my Fozzie to Mobil 1 5W30 synthetic at 12K miles with a Mobil 1 filter. Its been running on that for about 3K miles so far, and I'm wondering if I should go back to dino juice or disregard the synthetic argument?

2010 Forester 2.5X Special Edition AT
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